Cash for Diamonds plays a starring role in the 2003 hit “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey play characters dating each other to win work bets.  Kate Hudson, who plays Andie Anderson, is using Matthew McConaughey’s character Benjamin Barry to write an article about how women unwittingly cause a break-up.  Andie bets her boss that she can get a man to break up with her in 10 days, and if Andie wins, she will be able to then write about whatever subject matter she chooses.

Ben is using Andie to land a lucrative account at his ad agency for marketing diamonds. Ben’s boss, who thinks that the female ad executives understand women better and will thus be able to market diamonds to them more effectively, says that he will give Ben the account if he can get a woman to fall in love with him in 10 days.  The fictional diamond account in question, De Lauer, is based on diamond industry titan De Beers.  The movie riffs off of successful De Beers advertising campaigns such as “A Diamond is Forever” and the right-hand ring, which signifies a woman’s independence.  Ben successfully develops the idea of diamonds as “icing” with the tag line “Frost yourself.”

De Beers is the premier diamond company in the world due to its successful connection of diamonds and love.  The Western cultural custom of giving a diamond engagement ring was cemented by the company’s U.S. marketing campaign in the 1930s, during which time a female copywriter wrote the famed tagline “A Diamond is Forever.”  It has since been named one of the best advertising slogans of all time.

If a diamond signifies the emotional bond of two people in love, what does it signify once that love is over?  For most women it signifies a great amount of pain.  That pain may be resolved in a couple of ways- repurposing the diamond ring to make a new piece or selling it for cash to a pawnbroker, jeweler, or precious metals re-claimer.  The labor and materials for repurposing an engagement ring can be costly, so it is usually more popular to sell the diamond for cash.

Several online gold and diamond brokers offer cash for diamond jewelry from the convenience of home.  Diamonds USA is one such broker, owned by parent company CJ Environmental, Inc., a precious metals refining specialist since 1965.  CJ Environmental has been family owned and operated for almost forty years by CEO Norman Schneider and the Schneider family.

The Better Business Bureau, a consumer advocacy organization, gives the company an A rating, a score that is based on factors including its length of time in operation, complaint resolution history, issues with advertising, and known licensing and governmental actions.  Also, in an independent investigation by Fox News, CJ Environmental was found to offer 3 times the cash for jewelry than its competitors.  Selling your diamond engagement ring is the clear choice.  Diamonds are forever until it’s over.  Or as Ben Barry might say, “Fund yourself.”



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