purple diamondWhen it comes to diamonds, often bigger is better. If you need money and are thinking about selling diamonds, larger stones will certainly generate the highest offers. Here’s our advice on how to turn your large diamonds into a profit when you need it.


What Size Is Considered a Large Diamond?

Diamonds aren’t really measured in size categories beyond their carat weight. Technically, there is no set minimum weight for large diamonds. Colloquially, though, anything bigger than the 2 carats could be considered “large.”

Here are some of the most popular diamond cuts used for larger stones:

diamondRound Brilliant diamondPrincess diamondEmerald diamondMarquise diamondRadiant
diamondPear diamondHeart diamondOval diamondAsscher diamondTrillion Triangle

Most people are familiar with very-large, famous diamonds just by virtue of the fact that they are so very rare. Moreover, their value is enormous and well beyond the buying power of most of us. Of these, the Hope Diamond, a single stone of 45.52 carats is probably the most famous although there are many diamonds that are much, much larger.

Where Should I Sell My Large Diamonds?

There are a few different types of places you can sell large diamonds for cash. Perhaps the most traditional option is to sell them in person at a pawn shop, jeweler or diamantaire (a specialized professional diamond dealer). These buyers typically are looking for good quality diamonds they can resell at a profit.

Another option is to sell to an online buyer. Online buyers do not have brick-and-mortar store locations, and all transactions are completed remotely through online correspondence and the mail. These types of large diamond buyers aren’t concerned with reselling your diamonds as gemstones, so they’re more likely to accept lower quality diamonds.


Selling Diamonds Online vs. Selling Them in Person

While selling diamonds in person might sound easier at first, the process of selling diamonds online actually tends to be much simpler and result in higher offers. The following are just a few reasons why an online buyer is your best choice for selling large diamonds.

  • Higher payouts. Because in-person buyers have overhead costs related to running a physical store location, it’s in their interest to maximize profit and offer you the minimum acceptable amount. An online buyer is able to offer a better value which is what you deserve.
  • No travel necessary. You can start the process of selling large diamonds from anywhere at any time of day. Everything can be handled right from your home, saving you the time, effort, and cost of traveling to in-person stores.
  • Fast, reliable service. Online buyers don’t have to worry about time-consuming tasks like cleaning a store, stocking shelves, or ringing up customers. Everything is more streamlined, which means more focus on appraisals and less wait time for you. If you sell to Diamonds USA, you’ll have an offer within 24 hours of receiving your diamond shipment.

How Is the Price of a Large Diamond Calculated?

Determining the price of a large diamond involves assessing various physical properties. In addition to the mass of the diamond, there are other measures of quality and aesthetic value that go into pricing a stone. The main factors in pricing diamonds are commonly called “the 4 Cs.”

The 4 Cs are:

  • Carat: The weight of the diamond.
  • Clarity: A measure of how many flaws the stone has. Flaws make the stone look cloudy, so a flawless diamond will be perfectly clear.
  • Cut: The way a diamond has been shaped and faceted.
  • Color: The hue of the stone, as well as how intense the hue is.

The other major factor in determining the price of a large diamond is the current market value for diamonds. Because the quality of a diamond impacts its value so much, the market price for diamonds is expressed as an average price per carat, categorized by weight range. The larger the stone and the higher its quality, the more money it is likely to be worth.

As of January 5th, 2021, these were the market prices for diamonds¹:

  • .25 ct – 0.50 ct.: $ 15
  • .6 ct – 0.9 ct.: $ 2,908.275
  • 1.00 ct – 1.5 ct.: $ 8,128.335
  • 1.6 ct – 1.9 ct.: $14,089.21
  • 2.00 ct -3.00 ct.: $32,396.58
  • 4.00ct – 5.00 ct.: $81,444.25
  • 6.00ct – 8.00 ct.: $170,593.5
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How Much Is a Large Diamond Worth?

The actual amount you can get for a particular large diamond depends on a number of factors. The carat weight and current average market price for diamonds provide a baseline, but the quality of your diamond could make it worth more or less than the average. Then, the actual amount you’re offered depends on how much of the diamond’s actual value the buyer is willing to pay you for it.

Ultimately, the only way to know for sure how much you can get for your diamonds is to have them properly appraised. Diamonds USA can professionally assess your diamonds and send you a fair, accurate offer within 24 hours of receiving your items. With no obligation whatsoever. If you’re not satisfied with the offer, they’ll return your valuables to you free of charge. 


I Have a Large Diamond, But It’s Not Very Good Quality. Can I Still Sell It?

Yes! Even if your large diamond is cracked, chipped, and/or cloudy, you can still sell it for cash.

Why Should I Sell Large Diamonds to Diamonds USA?

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large diamond on your hands, it’s important that you find a buyer who can offer you the fairest, most accurate price. At Diamonds USA, we rank high in large diamond buyers USA reviews, with both experts and customers touting our immense payouts and quick, simple process.

The following are just a few reasons why we at Diamonds USA are one of the best online large diamond buyers in the USA:

  • All of our assessments are done by professionals who have been certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This ensures that sellers get the fairest, most accurate price for their diamonds.
  • We make selling large diamonds online easy, safe and fast. Request shipping materials online from home, send us your diamonds by mail, then receive an offer within 24 hours of when we receive them. Your diamond shipment will be insured and trackable, giving you valuable peace of mind.
  • We pay more than our competitors, guaranteed! In an undercover investigation Top Consumer Reviews rated our business over our leading competitor. Diamonds USA also offers a convenient price match guarantee. If you manage to find a better offer somewhere else, we’ll match it!

How Do I Sell Diamonds with Diamonds USA?

If you have large loose diamonds or large diamond jewelry to sell, we want to help you get the price you deserve for it. At Diamonds USA, we aim to make the selling process as streamlined and easy as possible.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Request a free diamond appraisal kit via our online form. We’ll send you all the shipping materials you need.
  2. Ship us your diamonds via mail at no cost to you.
  3. Within 24 hours of receiving your diamonds, we’ll have them assessed and send you our best offer.
  4. If you’re not satisfied with our offer, simply deny the offer and we will return your diamonds free of charge.

If you’re ready to sell your large diamonds, we’re ready to buy them! Fill out our online form to request your free appraisal kit today.



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