Diamonds are a worldwide symbol of wealth and luxury, and for good reason. They’re rare, beautiful, and widely used in fashion, industry, and technology. All of this makes diamonds extremely valuable. For individuals looking to make extra cash or get rid of unwanted jewelry, diamonds are an ideal commodity to sell.

How Do I Sell My Diamond Jewelry and Loose Diamonds Online?

It’s much easier and faster to sell diamonds online than you might expect. Different online buyers have different processes for the sale and appraisal of diamonds, but they generally involve mailing your items to the company to be evaluated.

Here’s how it works when you sell diamonds to Diamonds USA:

  1. Request a free appraisal kit by filling out the form. You will receive it in the mail so you can easily ship us your diamond jewelry at no cost to you.
  2. Within 24 hours of receiving your diamond shipment, we’ll send you our most competitive offer.
  3. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re not happy with the amount we offer, we will return your diamond items safely for no additional charge.

Make sure that you compare online diamond buyers’ information to find the best option for you. If they don’t clearly explain their process and customer service policies on their website, it may be a red flag. At Diamonds USA, we provide all of this information in a clear and transparent manner.

Get a free appraisal


At Diamonds USA, we’re focused on materials rather than resale. This means we’re able to buy just about anything with valuable components, regardless of their condition, branding, or artistic value.

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Diamond Rings

Sell Diamond Rings

Ready to close a chapter and get rid of your old diamond engagement or wedding ring? Turn it into funds you can use to start fresh.

chipped diamond

Chipped Diamonds

Sell Chipped Diamonds

Unlike pawn shops and jewelry stores, we aren’t concerned with the actual function or appearance of your items. This means that we accept broken jewelry and accessories, such as bent diamond rings, broken diamond tennis bracelets, and old watch bands with diamond details.

flawed diamond

Flawed Diamonds


At Diamonds USA, we’re not worried about whether we can sell your diamond items the way they are. No matter how poor the clarity may be, we will still accept your flawed diamonds and give you cash for their value.

wedding bands



If you’re ready to get rid of a wedding, engagement, or promise ring from an ex-partner, we’ll take it off your hands. There’s no sense in letting it sit unworn in your jewelry box when you can have the cash instead.

loose diamonds



Whether you purchased loose diamonds as an investment or simply have a stone that fell off a piece of jewelry, we’re happy to buy from you. You can even sell diamonds that have been chipped or cracked to us for the price of the material.

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Sell Designer Jewelry


Unfortunately we do not buy lab-created diamonds. The market demand is not the same as it is for natural mined diamonds.


We will also purchase unique and collectible diamond items, but keep in mind that these may have additional value beyond the market price of their materials. You may want to visit a specialty jeweler or antiques dealer for more information before making a final decision on where to sell your diamond.

Where Can I Sell Diamonds for Cash?

There are a few places that will pay you cash for your diamond jewelry, loose stones, and other diamond items. The traditional option is to sell your diamond items in person at a brick-and-mortar location like a pawn shop, jeweler, or diamantaire (specialized diamond dealer). These buyers will typically offer a portion of the item’s retail value, then resell it for a higher price to make a profit. Depending on the item and the customer base, the same diamond may be more valuable to one type of buyer than the others.

Another increasingly popular option is to sell your diamond items to an online diamond buyer. Unlike the more traditional options, online buyers operate completely via their websites, allowing sellers to visit them from anywhere. Online buyers also tend to focus more on the value of the materials than the resale value of the items themselves. Instead of being limited to a portion of the retail price, diamonds are priced at their full material value regardless of their quality or appearance.

You could also sell your diamond items directly to a customer in person or via marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist. However, these types of sales are much riskier as there are no guarantees or protections for either party. Depending on the situation, you may have to cover the costs of things like shipping and insurance. The entire transaction will also likely take longer to complete, as you’ll need to wait for responses from prospective buyers and make arrangements for sale.

Why Should I Sell Diamonds Online Instead of in Person?

You might assume that taking your diamond jewelry to a pawnbroker is a quick and easy way to get some extra cash. While a pawnbroker may know something about the value of diamonds, they are in the resale business and therefore cannot offer you nearly as much money for your diamonds as we can. In fact, a pawnbroker is more than likely to turn around and sell your material to a company like ours. So why not cut out the middleman and sell diamonds online instead?

Selling your diamonds online offers benefits like the following:

  • No travel. You can sell diamonds on the internet from the comfort of home, saving you time, money, and energy. There’s no need to drive between pawn shops and jewelry stores to get an estimate; just ship your items and wait for the offer to come in. It’s an ideal option for people with limited mobility or limited access to transportation.
  • More options. There are only so many in-person diamond buyers you can reasonably visit in an area. Online, you have access to dozens of options, including international buyers.
  • Easy comparisons. Instead of driving back and forth between jewelers and pawn shops, you’re able to quickly and easily compare different online buyers right in your web browser.
  • Up-to-date pricing. The internet provides easy access to the most updated diamond pricing information. Online buyers are able to check these prices and adjust to changes more quickly than pawn shops and other physical locations.
  • Better offers. In-person jewelers and resale shops have to deal with the costs of running a physical storefront (rent, maintenance, employee pay, etc.). Online buyers don’t face the same overhead costs, so they tend to have more freedom to offer the highest, most competitive prices.
  • Fast cash. Online buyers are often able to work faster than in-person buyers because they aren’t running a storefront. At Diamonds USA, we’ll offer you a payment amount within 24 hours of receiving your items. You don’t have to worry about long appraisals or travel time, and in just a few days you can have the additional money you need to pay bills or make purchases.
  • Low-risk policies. Online buyers are more resilient in general. If an in-person buyer takes a loss or too many sales fall through, they could fall short on the costs of running a store. You might feel pressured to make rash decisions, and you may take a hit if you change your mind.
  • Fewer limitations on what you can sell. Jewelers, pawn shops, and other resellers are far less likely to purchase diamonds with noticeable flaws or less popular cuts. Online retailers like ours are not worried about these aspects and will accept all kinds of diamond items.

Diamonds USA offers customers unsurpassed settlements for all their diamonds. We pay you an amount of money for your diamonds—and for their silver, gold, or platinum settings—that’s in line with what they are actually worth. Why pawn your diamonds for a small percentage of their actual value when you can sell diamonds online for their full value?

What If I Bought My Diamonds Online?

If your diamonds were purchased online, selling them online is ideal. When you initially purchased your diamonds, you likely already got a better deal online than you would have from a jeweler, pawn shop, or other physical store. If you also sell those same diamonds online for a higher price, you’ll have minimized your cost and maximized your profit.

Why Are Diamonds So Valuable?

The diamond is a naturally occurring gemstone that has fascinated humanity for a very long time. In fact, we’ve been mining this rare stone for thousands of years, turning its raw form into clear, glittering gems for all sorts of purposes. From diamond engagement rings to electronic components, diamonds play a significant role in our culture and industry today.

Even with the ability to create diamonds in a lab, the market demand for natural stones is much stronger. Another factor is the relative rarity of certain qualities of diamond. It’s easy to mine lots of sub-par stones, but a big, flawless one is extremely rare.

Diamonds are also assigned worth based on their aesthetic value and certain physical characteristics. A large, perfectly clear, expertly cut diamond can sell for thousands of dollars simply because it is beautiful and well crafted. No matter how humanity changes, people will always love sparkly, pretty things.

What Are Diamonds Used For?

Diamonds are most well known for their classy, eye-catching luster in jewelry and clothing. However, fashion is only one of many uses. In fact, gemstone quality diamonds only account for about 30% of today’s diamond usage!

Non-gem uses of diamonds include (but are not limited to):

  • Industrial tools: The most common use of diamonds. Diamond is known for its extreme hardness, which makes it useful for grinding, drilling, and cutting materials that other tools can’t handle. Industrial drills and blades are often diamond-tipped for better efficacy and durability.
  • Thermal management: Diamond is the most heat conductive material known to man. This makes it an ideal material for manufacturing things like heat sinks, electronics components that draw heat away from more sensitive parts.
  • Solar energy: Engineers have developed a type of diamond film that may be more effective and durable than silicon solar cell technology. This technology would be especially useful for space applications, because diamond can withstand high amounts of radiation for much longer than other materials.
  • Biomedical sensors: Recently developed technology uses a diamond lattice to create a unique sensor that detects changes in external magnetic fields. Physicians hope to be able to use this technology to examine and diagnose issues related to heart and brain conditions.
  • High-power lasers: Diamonds, especially high-quality synthetic diamonds, are extremely good at focusing and transmitting light — but there value is not the same as authentic, mined stones.

How Is Diamond Resale Value Determined?

The resale value of a particular diamond or diamond item depends on a variety of factors. To start, the base value for a diamond is largely determined by key characteristics commonly known as “the 4 Cs.”

The 4 Cs of diamonds are:

  • Carat: the weight (size) of the diamond
  • Clarity: a measure of the stone’s flaws, which bend light and make it appear less clear
  • Color: the hue and richness of the stone
  • Cut: the shape and faceting of the diamond, which create various visual effects

The value for a diamond depends on its rating in these categories—the higher the rating, the higher the price. The resale value of a diamond may differ from its original value, but a diamond that rates higher on the 4 Cs will still fetch a higher resale price.

The diamond resale price for things like jewelry will also be impacted by the value of the other materials as well as the craftsmanship and characteristics of the actual piece. A pawn shop or jeweler will consider not only the quality of the items, but also how much their customers will pay for it. Unfortunately, these types of buyers are motivated to offer you lower amounts to maximize their profit.

Because buyers like Diamonds USA do not focus on the resale of jewelry and diamonds as is, you’ll receive the entirety of what your items are worth, not just a portion of what they can be resold for.

How Much Can I Get for My Diamonds?

The amount you can sell diamonds for depends on a number of things, including:

  • The type of buyer. Different buyers will value your diamond items in different ways. A pawn shop, for example, will likely offer you a price based on how much they will be able to resell your item for. This is typically far lower than what you paid for the diamond items when they were new. An online buyer like Diamonds USA, on the other hand, will offer you a price based strictly on the market value of its materials.
  • The 4 Cs. The cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of your diamonds will be major factors in how much you’re paid for them. The better the ratings, the more you’re likely to be offered.
  • The current market value of diamonds. Because there is so much variation in quality, market prices for diamonds can only be reported as an average price per carat of weight. This amount serves as a baseline for value, but the final price for a specific diamond may be impacted by the other three Cs: cut, color, and clarity.

There are some diamond price estimation tools available online, including one on our own website. Keep in mind, however, that these calculators provide general amounts that do not reflect your actual payout. The best way to find out how much you can get for a particular diamond item is to request a quote from the buyer.

At Diamonds USA, we help you maximize your payout and minimize costs. From the beginning of the process, we’ll cover the cost of shipping your items to us. Once we’ve received your package, we’ll appraise your items and get back to you with an offer within 24 hours. We’ll also automatically include the value of any precious metals from things like settings, bands, and chains.

What Is the Current Price of Diamonds?

The average price per carat for diamonds varies across multiple weight ranges. It is only a rough indicator of how much diamonds have sold for recently, but it is still valuable as a baseline amount. As of September 2020, the average prices were as follows:

  • 50 ct. or less: $2,170
  • 51-0.99 ct.: $3,304
  • 00– 1.49 ct.: $5,310
  • 50 – 1.99 ct.: $7,464
  • 00 – 2.99 ct.: $9,821
  • 00 – 3.99 ct.: $13,995
  • 00 – 4.99 ct.: $16,914
  • 00 ct. or more: $23,952

Should I Sell My Diamond Ring?

The answer to whether or not you should sell your diamond ring starts with your reasons for wanting to sell. You might decide that the personal and emotional value of the ring may outweigh its cash value. If that’s not the case, it might be time to sell!

Your diamond ring may have a broken band, or perhaps it was a gift you found downright ugly. It might be an engagement ring from an ex-partner you’re ready to move past. If you don’t want it anymore and it’s just sitting in your jewelry box, there’s no reason not to sell your ring for cash.

If your ring is an antique, designer or otherwise unique piece, it may be a good idea to visit a jeweler or antiques dealer first. In some cases, the historic, collectible, or artistic value of the ring may be higher than the value of its materials. Likewise, the average pawn shop employee may not recognize its significance. Expert information can help you choose the right course of action and get the fairest offers.

Why Should I Sell My Diamond Items to Diamonds USA?

Diamonds USA makes selling your old, unwanted or broken diamond jewelry simple and safe. Here are just some of the reasons we’re the best place to sell diamonds on the internet:

  • The process is quick and easy. Everything can be done online from the comfort of home, including requesting an appraisal kit and shipping your items. Within 24 hours of receipt, we’ll have your diamond items appraised and send you an offer.
  • All of our diamond appraisals are performed by professionals who have been certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), ensuring the most accurate price for the piece.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the amount of money we offer you for your items, simply let us know and we’ll return your items safely at no additional cost to you. No questions asked!
  • We cover the cost of shipping and insure your diamond shipment against loss or damage, so you don’t have to worry. Every diamond shipment has a unique tracking number and barcode so you can track your shipment online throughout the entire process.
  • In an undercover investigation, Fox 5 News found that we pay three times more than the leading competitor.
  • We’re one of the largest online B2C diamond buyers in the entire world, with a reliable, risk-free process.
  • We’ve paid out more than $53 million since 2005.
  • We offer a price match guarantee. If you can find a better price somewhere else, we’ll match it.

Whether you’re cleaning out your jewelry box or ready to sell diamonds you’d purchased as an investment, Diamonds USA makes it easy to get the full value of your items. Request your free appraisal kit today!