There are many reasons that a person may wish to sell their engagement rings. No matter why you are considering selling, there are many options for doing so. We reveal how to sell your engagement ring and the best places to sell a diamond ring.

Where to Sell a Diamond Engagement Ring

In order to get the most money for your engagement ring, you first must know what your options are. When it comes to where to sell a diamond ring, you have some options: local jewelers, pawn shops, and online diamond buyers are common.

When you go to sell an engagement ring, your local jeweler is likely to offer services for buying jewelry. However, because they have additional costs, like staff, rent, insurance, and maintenance, you might not receive as much as you were hoping for. The same is true of a pawn shop; you will get money right away, but far less than even your local jeweler might offer. Also, to be sure you are getting the best price, you might have to visit several jewelry buyers before selling your engagement ring.

Online auction sites might also get you money for your engagement ring, but unless you have educated yourself on how to value jewelry or had your ring professionally appraised, the amount might come in well below your ring’s true value.

When it comes to getting the most money for an engagement ring, the best way to do so is to find someone who buys diamonds online. It can be beneficial to sell an engagement ring online.

Best Way to Sell Your Engagement Ring

Working with an online diamond buyer eliminates the need to travel from one physical location to another in an effort to try to get the best deal. It also eliminates the hassle of haggling for the best price.

When you sell an engagement ring online to Diamonds USA, you get our Price “Beat” Guarantee — we guarantee the best price and will beat any competitor’s written offer.  Our expertise, experience, and best price guarantee are a few reasons why we think that selling an engagement ring online to Diamonds USA is the best way to sell.  Request our free, insured Appraisal Kit to start the process now:

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How to Sell Your Engagement Ring for the Most Money

Getting the best price for your diamond ring involves a few simple steps:

  • Collect your necessary information.
  • Get your engagement ring appraised.
  • Seek offers to buy your diamond engagement ring.
  • Choose the best offer.

Collect information such as your purchase receipt, documentation about your ring’s metal, stone quality and size, and any lab reports. All of these will offer important information about how much to expect to get from your ring and can even improve your offer (if you have the grading certificate).

A professional appraisal will take the stone and setting’s carat weight and grade into account, as well as the color and clarity of the stone. At Diamonds USA, we have GIA-certified appraisers and our appraisals are complimentary; simply request a free Appraisal Kit to get started.

Your best offer will come from an experienced and established company that is BBB-accredited. Doing all of the above will get you the highest amount for your ring.

Choosing the Best Place to Sell an Engagement Ring

As mentioned previously, you could sell your engagement ring to an online auction site, but you may not get its full value unless you’ve completed steps 1 and 2 above. Thankfully, there is another option to sell your ring online that will get a great value.

Diamonds USA is an online diamond buyer that provides you with a safe, simple, and immediate way to get money for your engagement ring and other jewelry. Why do so many people continue to choose us when they want to sell their engagement rings and other jewelry – even when they do a search for “where to sell a diamond engagement ring for cash near me?” Because we:

  • Are A+ rated by the BBB
  • Have earned 4.7 out of 5 Trustpilot stars
  • Possess nearly two decades of years experience
  • Offer the highest price for jewelry, guaranteed
  • Buy all kinds of jewelry, including scrap
  • Can assay gold, silver, palladium ,and platinum
  • Offer a 10% bonus if jewelry is sent to us within seven days
  • Return your jewelry immediately, no questions asked, if you don’t accept our offer
  • Offer insurance up to $100,000 on shipments sent to us
  • Pay you within 1 business day
  • Work with GIA-certified appraisers
  • Provide a free and secure process

Diamonds USA gets your jewelry professionally appraised and sends your check or Paypal deposit within 24 hours. We can help you sell:

  • Diamond rings with large center stones that are above .5 carats
  • Diamond rings with small center stones that are below .5 carats
  • Engagement rings with small gemstones or diamonds
  • Wedding rings with multiple small diamonds
  • Other gemstones and gold, loose diamonds, silver jewelry, and coins

See for yourself if Diamonds USA is the best place to sell an engagement ring. Remember, we have a Price “Beat” Guarantee, and we make no-obligation offers for your jewelry, gold, and diamonds. Request a complimentary Appraisal Kit.

How to Sell an Engagement Ring to Diamonds USA

It’s easy to sell your engagement ring online with Diamonds USA. Here’s how to do it in three simple steps:

  1. Visit our website and request your free Appraisal Kit, which is insured against loss and damage up to $5,000 (USD). Additional insurance is available at no cost up to $100,000 (USD).
  2. Once your Appraisal Kit has been delivered, place your jewelry into the FedEx overnight mailer and return it to us. Remember, you get a 10% bonus if you send it to us within seven days!
  3. Receive your offer and get paid in 24 hours or less.

Our company is family-owned and completely based in the USA. Our partnership with a refinery allows us to offer you prices for your unwanted engagement rings and other jewelry that would typically only be available to private companies.

We offer you more than just a higher price for your jewelry. We understand just how important each transaction is to you, so it’s equally important to us. That’s why we include a tracking number with every FedEx shipment.

You’ll be notified via text or email when your mailer has been scanned and received and will be alerted right away once it arrives. You’ll also receive a notification when the contents of your mailer has been appraised by our appraisal department.

Our customers also give us high ratings because of the stellar service they get from us. We encourage all our customers to ask questions, and we work overtime—literally—to ensure all of them are answered.

No matter whether you’re a first-time customer or have been doing business with us for years, you will never, ever be pressured to sell your diamonds or jewelry to us. If you don’t like the offer we provide you, all you have to do is let us know, and we will return your items right away, at no cost and with no questions asked.

What You Should Know When You Sell an Engagement Ring

When considering selling an engagement ring, it’s important to understand the significant gap that can exist between its retail price and potential resale value.

Diamond engagement ring retail prices are higher due to factors like brand popularity, store overhead, and design intricacies. However, the diamond resale value of the ring is based on the intrinsic value of the diamond, the metal (purity, weight), and current demand, often resulting in a lower price than what was initially paid.

Sellers should have realistic expectations and be informed about a diamond’s 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, carat) that determine a diamond’s worth. Understanding these aspects can help in setting the right price and finding the appropriate avenue for resale, ensuring a smoother and more informed selling experience.

Why Choose to Sell Their Engagement Rings

People sell their engagement rings for a variety of reasons. Relationship changes such as breakups or divorces are common causes, as the ring might serve as an unwanted reminder of the past. Selling it can provide emotional closure, financial relief, and help the individual move on.

Another reason is financial necessity, where unexpected expenses like medical bills prompt the sale of the ring for quick cash without accruing debt.
Changing personal styles or life circumstances can make a once-cherished ring seem less desirable, leading to its sale to free up resources for new needs or investments.

Some sell their original rings for an upgrade or redesign that reflects their current tastes or financial status.

Also, selling an inherited ring that doesn’t match one’s taste allows the individual to use the proceeds for other meaningful purposes or to create a new heirloom that better honors the memory of the deceased.

No matter why, these sales often mark significant changes in one’s life, offering both financial benefits and emotional relief. Request your complimentary Appraisal Kit now


How much will I get if I sell my engagement ring?

The amount your engagement ring is worth really depends on several factors:

  • The quality and purity of the metal
  • The market value of that metal
  • The quality of the stone based on clarity, cut, color, and size, and
  • Whether or not it was made by a brand-name jeweler

How do I get an appraisal for my engagement ring?

You will likely be able to get a no-cost appraisal of your engagement ring with a local jeweler. While it might not reflect your ring’s true value, it can give you an idea of the resale value of a diamond or how much you’d pay for it in a store. This kind of appraisal can also be useful for determining the replacement value of your engagement ring for insurance purposes.

However, If you want to know what your ring is worth in terms of true value, the best way to accomplish this is to obtain something called a certified lab report. Certified lab reports are only available from internationally recognized grading laboratories like the Gemological Institute of America.

How much is a gold wedding band with small diamonds or a small engagement ring worth?

Diamond rings and wedding bands having smaller stone settings might be appraised to be worth $1,000 or less. If you have rings with small diamonds, selling them with Diamonds USA is the ideal option, as you can get your professional appraisal and your money in 24 hours or less, plus a bonus of 10% if you send it to us within seven days. A lot of online buyers will refuse stones that are under 1 carat, but Diamonds USA will purchase them.

What is the best way to sell an engagement ring?

We believe Diamonds USA is the best place to sell an engagement ring online. You want to make sure you sell it to a reputable online buyer that offers a straightforward and secure transaction, ensuring you receive a fair evaluation and prompt payment for your diamond jewelry.

Will Diamonds USA pay me for the ring setting?

In addition to getting money for the diamonds or other precious stones in rings, your settings will also have value. However, the value of the setting will be determined by how much it weighs. As well, if your ring has stones at the side of the center stone (called melee diamonds) of high quality and which are .2 carats or less, these will add to the total offer you’ll receive for your ring from Diamonds USA.

Although it is rare, exceptionally large, high-quality, or brand-name center stones (Cartier, Tiffany, etc.) will be removed and repurposed, while the ring setting itself is melted down for scrap.

How can I sell my diamond ring for the most money?

The metal in your ring is valued according to the current market rate. The same applies to diamond value.

If you want an answer to “Where can I sell my diamond ring for the most money?” then consider selling to Diamonds USA because we offer a 10% bonus and guarantee we will beat any competitor’s written offer.


Diamonds USA is a prominent online buyer of all diamonds, as well as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, in the United States. Since 2005, we have paid millions to thousands of customers for their unwanted diamonds or broken precious metal jewelry. We offer a quick and straightforward selling process, ensuring customers receive prompt and competitive offers for their items. Learn more about us, or request your free Appraisal Kit now:

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