diamondsThanks to their beauty, rarity and versatility, diamonds are the ultimate symbol of class and refinement. They’re a desirable resource for fashion designers, scientists and manufacturers alike, and they remain a popular investment commodity. If you have loose diamonds from an investment purchase or broken jewelry, selling them is a great way to turn them into cash!

Where Can I Sell Loose Diamonds?

Loose diamonds can be sold to a few different types of buyers. One of the most traditional choices is to sell to a pawn shop, jeweler or diamantaire (diamond dealer) at a brick-and-mortar store location. In order to make a profit as a retailer, they will pay you a portion of your diamonds’ retail value, then sell them for a higher price. These types of buyers are often looking for diamonds of good gemstone quality that will be desirable to customers, so they might be pickier about what they will buy.

Alternatively, you might choose to sell your loose diamonds to an online buyer. These buyers are much more flexible than others, as the costs of running a website are much lower than those of running a physical retail store. They also aren’t as concerned with quality or resale potential. Online buyers can purchase stones of any quality and offer the full material value of a diamond, not just a portion of the retail price.

Why Should I Sell Diamonds Online?

Pawnbrokers and jewelers may have been a popular way to sell diamond jewelry and loose stones in the past, but their offers often can’t compete with today’s online buyers. Selling your loose diamonds online is your best bet for the highest payout and the easiest experience.

The benefits of selling your loose diamonds online include:

    • No travel. Selling loose diamonds online can be done from the comfort of home. There’s no driving to pawn shops and jewelry stores; ship your items for appraisal and wait to receive an offer.
    • Higher offers. Because online buyers don’t have the overhead costs of running a store, they can offer better, more competitive prices for diamonds.
    • Online buyers don’t have to worry about dealing with store customers or handling other retail concerns, which means more time is devoted to your appraisal. Diamonds USA makes offers within 24 hours of receipt.
    • No quality requirement. Pawn shops and jewelry stores may not be interested in certain Online buyers aren’t limited by quality and will typically buy any diamond.

Why Are Diamonds So Valuable?

The simple answer is that diamonds have many desirable qualities and remain in high demand. Because of their gorgeous sparkle and the relative rarity of natural (mined) diamonds, they’ve become a big part of fashion and a symbol of luxury across various cultures. The long-standing tradition of the diamond engagement ring is just one example of how beloved diamonds are.

Even the ability to create high-quality stones in a laboratory hasn’t diminished the demand for them overall.

Diamonds are also an important resource for a variety of non-gemstone purposes. Certain characteristics, like diamond’s hardness and high heat conductivity, make it ideal for industrial and scientific uses. Things like industrial tools, electronics components and high-power lasers all rely on diamond’s unique material properties.

How Much Do Loose Diamonds Sell For?

The amount of money you’ll be able to get for your particular loose diamonds depends on a variety of factors. Unlike precious metals which are priced primarily based on their weight and purity, the value of a diamond can also vary depending upon its quality, shape, appearance and desirability for a particular purpose.

The best way to determine just how much you can get for a particular loose diamond is to have it appraised. At Diamonds USA, our appraisals are done by professionals trained in the process by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This ensures the most accurate appraisals and the best possible payouts.

How Is the Value of a Loose Diamond Determined?

Diamonds are generally evaluated based on their scores in four characteristic categories:

  • Carat: The weight of the diamond
  • Cut: The way the diamond is shaped and faceted
  • Clarity: How flawless a diamond is (flaws bend light and make the stone look cloudy)
  • Color: The diamond’s hue and richness

These properties, often called “the four Cs,” are a key part to determining a stone’s desirability on the current market. The better a diamond scores in these categories, the higher its value will be.

What Is the Market Price for Diamonds?

Because a diamond has to be properly assessed to determine its price, market values for diamonds can only be given as an average price across a range of weights. As of January 5th, 2021, average market prices were as follows for a popular round cut diamond with an Excellent GIA Cut Grade, an H color with no Fluorescence, and SI1 clarity.¹

  • .25 ct – 0.50 ct.: $ 15
  • .6 ct – 0.9 ct.: $ 2,908.275
  • 1.00 ct – 1.5 ct.: $ 8,128.335
  • 1.6 ct – 1.9 ct.: $14,089.21
  • 2.00 ct -3.00 ct.: $32,396.58
  • 4.00ct – 5.00 ct.: $81,444.25
  • 6.00ct – 8.00 ct.: $170,593.5
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When judging offers, make sure you have the most current market prices and remember the impact of the four Cs. If your diamond is deemed to be average quality, its value will probably be closer to the market average. If the appraiser deems your diamond above average in quality and you’re offered less than the market average for its weight, that’s a red flag. Make sure you get a second opinion from another buyer to ensure a fair price.

Is My Diamond Big Enough to Sell?

Yes! Diamonds are desirable for all kinds of purposes, and you can sell small loose diamonds just the same as large ones. Even if it’s only a tiny diamond chip accent that fell out of an old ring, it still has monetary value.

Jewelers and others who sell diamond jewelry may be more interested in large, attractive gemstones for resale purposes, but buyers like Diamonds USA will buy small loose diamonds regardless of their size, quality or aesthetic appeal.

What if My Diamond Is Broken or Flawed?

Even though a broken or flawed diamond may not be as desirable for jewelry and fashion purposes, it still may have market value for other uses. Even though they aren’t gemstone quality, you can still easily sell scrap diamonds to a buyer for the price of the material.

Why Should I Sell to Diamonds USA?

Selling to Diamonds USA is an easy and safe way to sell your loose diamonds online. Here are a few reasons why we’re the best choice of buyer:

  • Everything can be done online from anywhere in the world, eliminating the effort and cost of travel.
  • It’s fast from start to finish. It takes only a few minutes to request a free appraisal kit, and you’ll receive an offer within 24 hours of when we receive your diamonds.
  • We pay for shipping and insure your diamonds in case they are damaged or lost. You can also easily track your shipment along the way.
  • Our appraisers are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which means you’ll get an accurate price for every diamond.
  • If you don’t like our offer, we’ll return your diamonds to you for free, no questions asked.
  • If another buyer offers you a better price, we’ll match it!
  • We are the leading brand, as confirmed by Top Consumer Reviews.

How Do I Sell My Loose Diamonds to Diamonds USA?

The process of selling loose diamonds to Diamonds USA is quick and easy to complete from home. Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the form on our website to request your complimentary FedEx Appraisal Kit. These are the packing materials you’ll use to ship your diamonds to us (at no cost to you!).
  2. Within 24 hours after we receive your diamond shipment, we’ll present you with our best possible offer.
  3. If you’re happy with the offer, you’re all set! If you’re not happy with it, let us know and we’ll return your diamonds to you free of charge. Satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Whether you purchased loose diamonds as an investment or are hanging on to stones that became displaced from your jewelry, Diamonds USA can help you get the full market value for your diamonds. Contact us today to request a free diamond appraisal kit!