Wedding bands hold sentimental value but sometimes life’s circumstances change for people, and they look for ways to sell wedding bands.

Whether it’s a divorce, financial hardship, or simply a change in taste, selling your wedding ring can provide extra cash or make room for a new piece.

Many reputable jewelers and online buyers, like Diamonds USA, offer fair prices and a seamless selling process for your precious jewelry. By letting go of your wedding band, you can turn a symbol of the past into a fresh start or a new investment.

Determine How Much a Wedding Band is Worth

Determining the authenticity of your wedding band is a pivotal step in ensuring its value and quality and, ultimately, how much you can resell your wedding band for. Whether inherited, gifted, or purchased, the assurance that your band is made of genuine gold, silver, or diamonds provides both sentimental and financial significance.

We’ll explore ways to determine the authenticity of your engagement, wedding, or anniversary band so you can make informed decisions regarding its sale.

To determine the value of your band, follow these steps:

1. Look for Hallmarks or Test the Metal’s Purity

Check for any platinum or gold hallmarks or stamps inside the band. These marks usually indicate the purity of which your band is made.

For both white and yellow gold, look for 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, or 24K” Each represents the percentage of gold in the alloy (e.g., 24K is pure gold, while 18K is 75% gold).

For a platinum band you might see a “Platinum” or “950” hallmark. If so, the band is 95% platinum.1

You can also do a magnet test for gold and platinum. Gold is not magnetic. If your wedding band is not attracted to a magnet, then you might have real gold.

While platinum is not magnetic, some of its alloys might be, so there is a possibility a platinum wedding band might be slightly magnetic.2 However, remember that these tests are not foolproof. Some counterfeit gold alloys might not be attracted to magnets.

The acid test is also an option for testing platinum and gold purity.3

2. If Your Ring has a Diamond, Get a Lab Report

A lab report, a diamond grading report or certificate, is a detailed document issued by a reputable gemological laboratory that provides an expert assessment of a diamond’s quality and characteristics. This report typically includes information such as the diamond’s 4Cs (carat weight, color grade, clarity grade, cut grade) and measurements.

Additionally, it may consist of a diagram showing the diamond’s proportions and any internal or external characteristics (inclusions and blemishes).

A lab report serves as an objective and independent evaluation of the diamond’s attributes, providing valuable information for determining its value. It can help buyers and sellers make informed decisions about the diamond’s quality and price. Gemological laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gem Society (AGS), and International Gemological Institute (IGI) are widely recognized for issuing reliable and accurate diamond grading reports.

It’s essential, therefore, to first determine the value of the diamond. If your diamond lacks certification, it can be evaluated by one of the gemological laboratories mentioned above. Each lab can issue a grading report for a fee.

Alternatively, you may consult a Graduate Gemologist (GIA Certified) at a local jewelry store, who can also provide expert evaluation for a fee. Often, these evaluations are used when obtaining an appraisal for your ring, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the diamond’s worth.

3. Third-Party Appraisal of Replacement Value

A third-party appraisal for your wedding band or ring involves getting an expert evaluation of its value from a certified appraiser who is not directly involved in buying or selling it. This independent assessment provides an unbiased opinion on your ring’s worth based on its materials, craftsmanship, condition, and market demand.

During a third-party appraisal, the appraiser examines your engagement, wedding, or anniversary band or ring, considering its design, metal composition, gemstone quality (if applicable), and unique characteristics. They’ll consider market trends and comparable sales data to determine a fair market value for the band or ring.

The resulting written document, an appraisal report, outlines the band or ring’s specifications and provides an estimated value based on the appraiser’s professional judgment and expertise. This document’s primary purpose is to establish a retail replacement value.

So, the value of your piece will reflect the retail replacement value of your wedding or engagement ring. You need to know it does not correspond to the actual value of a piece. Do not think that is the price you will get if you sell.

When insurance appraisals inflate the value, people like you pay a higher premium to insure your valuables. If this happens, it’s unfortunate because it is not the actual value, which will be lower.

When you go to sell your diamond ring, do not expect to get the insurance or third-party appraisal value. Be prepared for the price to be much lower.

So, the value of your piece will reflect the retail replacement value of your wedding or engagement ring. You need to know it does not correspond to the actual value of a piece. Do not think that is the price you will get if you sell.

When insurance appraisals inflate the value, people like you pay a higher premium to insure your valuables. If this happens, it’s unfortunate because it is not the actual value, which will be lower.

When you go to sell your diamond ring, do not expect to get the insurance or third-party appraisal value. Be prepared for the price to be much lower.

4. Get a Free Appraisal From Diamonds USA

If you’re considering selling your wedding band, request our complimentary Appraisal Kit to discover the value of your items.

Upon filling out the form, we’ll promptly send you a free, insured mailer for the safe shipment of your wedding band to us. Our team of certified appraisers will diligently assess your items. Within 24 hours of receiving your valuables, we’ll present you with an offer based on the current spot price of your gold or platinum wedding band and any additional features, like diamonds or other gemstones. If you accept our offer, you’ll receive prompt payment.

If not, we’ll return your items to you free of charge and insured. With Diamonds USA, you can trust that our high-tech equipment will precisely identify the nature of your valuables. This guarantees a fair and accurate offer for your items when you sell to us.

5. Assess Offers Before Selling Wedding Bands

After determining the quality of your wedding band and attached gemstones, completing an appraisal, and receiving offers from jewelry stores, pawn brokers, online marketplaces, auction houses, private deals, and online gold and diamond buyers, evaluate for yourself which offer is the best for you.

Do you have to get in the car and drive across town to sell your wedding band face-to-face? If so, make sure the transaction is in a public place to minimize security risks. If it is an online platform or marketplace, remember to deduct the cost of shipping and insurance from the price you will receive. Also, protect yourself against scams and stolen credit cards used for payments.

When you sell to Diamonds USA, we will send you a free mailer and make you an offer within 24 hours of evaluating your jewelry. If you like the offer, you will get paid quickly if you choose PayPal or direct deposit. Be sure to consider the payment options and reputations of those you’re dealing with before you sell your wedding band.

Because of our low overhead, Diamonds USA guarantees you the best offer. We will beat any written offer.

Where to Sell Your Wedding Band

Depending on your preferences and circumstances, you have several options to sell your band. The following is a list of options to consider:

Your Local Jewelry Store or Pawn Shop

When you go to local jewelry stores or pawn shops5 to sell your engagement, wedding, or anniversary ring, they’ll look at a few things to determine its value. First, they’ll check how well it’s made and if it’s in good shape. These factors will affect the price. Then, they’ll see what materials it’s made of, like gold, platinum, silver, and diamonds. Rings with valuable materials are usually worth more. Lastly, they’ll consider the current market demand for rings like yours – features like the brand and style. After considering all this, the jeweler will give you a quote for your ring.

Because this appraisal involves subjectivity, it’s a good idea to check with different stores to ensure you get a fair price.

Use an Online Marketplace

When using online platforms, like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace to sell your band, you can reach more people than local stores. It’s helpful to display your ring in the best possible light to maximize your chances of selling it for a fair price.

Take clear, high-resolution photos of the ring from various angles to showcase its details, including gemstones, such as diamonds, and intricate designs. Next, provide:

  • A detailed description of the ring
  • Highlighting its features, such as the metal type
  • Gemstone characteristics (e.g., cut, clarity, carat weight)
  • Any relevant certifications (e.g., GIA certificate for diamonds)4

Be honest about the ring’s condition, mentioning any signs of wear or damage, to manage buyers’ expectations accurately. Include measurements and information about the ring’s size so buyers can know if your ring will fit them.

Set a competitive price based on market research and comparable listings. Regularly monitor and respond to inquiries promptly to engage with potential buyers and facilitate a smooth transaction process.

Know that selling on Craigslist and eBay comes with many challenges and headaches. People trying to use Craigslist to buy and sell have encountered so many scams law enforcement offices around the country have been alerting their residents about Craigslist scams.6 A mother of two was lured hundreds of miles away from her home and robbed of a $19,000 diamond ring advertised on Craigslist.7 Some scammers will pay for a vehicle with fraudulent checks, money orders, or cashier’s checks.

While private sales might sometimes lead to a higher price, you might lose tens of thousands of dollars to a scammer.

On eBay, you will face different challenges, including these:

  • One person was ripped off of $22,000 on two eBay jewelry transactions over a four-year period.8
  • Beyond dealing with fraudsters and scammers, there is the selling process. eBay can be a good place to sell, but it can be a long process. How soon do you need your money? With Diamonds USA, you will have an offer within 24 hours of us receiving your materials.
  • Get ready to spend a lot of time responding. If you’re willing to put your piece on eBay auction, you will have to deal with the messages and questions from bidders.
  • Get ready to wait because it might take a while before a bidder hits a price you’d be satisfied with. Then, there’s also a chance no one will buy it.

If you get frustrated with eBay and want nothing to do with Craigslist, remember that Diamonds USA makes selling diamonds, jewelry, gold, and silver easy.

Sell Wedding Bands Online

When you use reliable online jewelry buyers or consignment services that focus on buying used engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings, you’re entering a market made just for selling these items. These companies make it easier to sell your ring after assessing its value based on its condition, paperwork, materials, and design.

Use a Specialty Auction House

If your wedding band or wedding ring is valuable or has a unique history, consigning it to a specialized auction house for fine jewelry can be a great choice. These auction houses attract collectors and wealthy buyers who appreciate unique pieces.

Auction houses handle everything from promoting the ring to managing the sale, ensuring transparency and fairness. Remember that there might be fees, and the process could take some time, but if your ring is exceptional, it could lead to a good sale.

Sell Wedding Rings Privately

Selling your wedding ring directly to someone you know can be a smart move. You can avoid extra fees and negotiate the price, which might mean more money. Plus, it’s nice to deal with someone you trust, and you can share the ring’s story, making the sale more meaningful.

Just be clear about the terms, get the ring appraised, and put everything in writing to avoid any issues. In the end, it can be a win-win for both parties.

What to Know Before Selling Wedding Rings

Regardless of how you choose to sell your silver, gold, or diamond ring, there are several facts that you should know first. A professional appraiser or jeweler can help you with some of this information. When using additional parties, however, get at least a few opinions to check everyone’s homework and protect your assets.

  • Material and Quality: Understand the type of metal and gemstones used, along with the craftsmanship and condition of the ring.
  • Brand and Design: The value of rings from renowned brands or designers might bring a higher price. Unique or custom-made designs might be more valuable to collectors.
  • Condition: Be upfront and honest about the ring’s condition to avoid disputes.
  • Age and Vintage: Vintage and antique rings might have higher value due to current trends.
  • Market Demand: Current market trends can affect ring value. Popular and in-demand rings will bring a higher price.
  • Appraisals: Consider getting two professional appraisals to determine the ring’s market value and assist in negotiations.
  • Documentation: Gather any and all relevant documents, like grading certificates, receipts, or appraisals, to authenticate the ring’s value.
  • Emotional Value: Consider your emotional attachment to the engagement, wedding, or anniversary ring and how selling it might impact you emotionally. Make sure you’re comfortable with the decision to sell.
  • Market Trends: Like market demand, market trends can impact value. These trends include fashion trends, cultural influences, and economic conditions.
  • Selling Platform: Choose the right selling platform based on the ring’s unique qualities and target audience.


Why would I sell my wedding, or anniversary band or ring?

You may want to sell your wedding band or ring for many reasons. Financial strain or unexpected expenses could prompt the need for quick cash, making your ring an asset to liquidate. Additionally, the relationship associated with the item might have ended. In that case, selling your ring may symbolize closure and the beginning of a fresh start. You may choose to sell an engagement, wedding, or anniversary ring if it holds painful memories or represents a relationship you wish to forget.

How much can you sell wedding rings for?

The resale value of a wedding ring can fluctuate considerably, influenced by various factors outlined above, such as the materials used in its construction, its condition, current market demand, brand reputation, unique design elements, and the presence of certifications or documentation.4

Considering these factors and conducting comprehensive research is crucial before determining the potential resale value of your wedding ring. Seeking professional appraisals and consulting with experts in the jewelry industry can provide invaluable insights, ensuring an accurate assessment of the ring’s worth and maximizing its resale potential.

Why is the resale value of my wedding ring less than the retail value?

Unfortunately, while your wedding ring may have particular importance in your life, its resale value will likely be 20% to 60% less than its retail value.6 This is the case for several reasons. In addition to several of the factors mentioned above, depreciation and retail markup will heavily influence the resale value of your ring.

Like most luxury goods, jewelry experiences depreciation over time. Once a ring is purchased and worn, it becomes classified as pre-owned. This typically reduces its value compared to a brand-new item.

Also, retail prices often include markups to cover costs such as overhead, marketing, and profit margins for the seller. Unfortunately, when reselling a ring, you’re typically unable to recoup these markups.

How do I get a fair price for my wedding band or ring?

The best way to get a fair price for your wedding band or ring is to obtain a professional appraisal from a certified gemologist or jeweler. An appraisal expertly assesses your ring’s value based on its materials, craftsmanship, condition, and market demand. For that matter, it can’t hurt to get two appraisals if you can afford it.

Then, do your homework by researching the current market prices for similar rings. Look at online marketplaces, auction results, and jewelry stores to understand the range of prices for rings with comparable materials, styles, and characteristics.

During the sales process, don’t settle for the first offer you receive. Explore multiple selling options, such as local jewelry stores, online buyers, consignment services, or auction houses, and compare their offers to ensure you’re getting a fair price. Feel free to negotiate with potential buyers for the best price for your ring. Use your research and appraisal as leverage during negotiations to justify your asking price.

But be realistic. Understand that the price you paid for your ring at retail may not reflect its current market value due to factors like depreciation and market trends.

If you’re unhappy with your offers, you can always wait to sell your ring later when you think market conditions may be more favorable. Understand your ring might not increase in value. The longer you wait, the less money you are likely to get.

Does where I sell my wedding ring affect the resale price?

Where you sell your wedding ring can significantly influence its resale price.10 Different selling platforms and methods cater to distinct audiences with varying preferences, expectations, and budgets. Opting for specialized jewelry buyers or consignment services focused on fine jewelry may result in higher resale prices, as these platforms attract buyers willing to pay premiums for quality pieces.

Consigning your ring to a specialized auction house can also elevate its resale price, as auction environments often attract collectors and high-net-worth individuals. On the other hand, selling through online marketplaces like eBay or local jewelry stores may yield lower prices due to perceived differences in specialization and reputation.

Ultimately, your choice should align with your priorities, whether maximizing resale price or prioritizing convenience and ease of selling. Conducting thorough research and exploring various selling options can help you make an informed decision that best suits your needs and goals.

Where can I sell my wedding or anniversary band or ring for the most money?

In all honesty, what you’ll be able to resell your wedding band for will mostly be contingent on its material and quality, brand and design, condition, documentation, and market demand. Other factors affecting your resale price are how urgent you need to sell your wedding band and how involved you want to be.

For example, selling your wedding band to a local pawn dealer is the quickest way to get cash. However, you likely will only get the most money you can through a local pawnbroker.

If you can put in a little more effort and aren’t in a rush to sell your wedding band, we here at Diamonds USA often get our clients some of the best resale prices for their jewelry. We have been noted for delivering some of the fairest pricing and payment for wedding and engagement rings.

Where can I sell my wedding right after my divorce?

After a divorce, you can sell your wedding ring to move on and possibly get some money back. You have different options for selling it, like particular jewelry buyers, online marketplaces, auction houses, local stores, or private sales. You can donate it to charity if you don’t want to sell it. Remember to consider its sentimental value and ensure any transfer or shipment is safe and secure.

How do I sell my unwanted wedding ring?

The methods listed above will help you sell an unwanted wedding ring. If you no longer want the ring because it is damaged or in poor condition, Diamonds USA buys jewelry in any condition.

How long does it take to sell a wedding band or ring?

The time required to sell a wedding ring can fluctuate significantly depending on various factors.9 When selling through online platforms such as eBay or Craigslist, the process typically spans from a few days to several weeks, contingent upon factors such as the attractiveness of the listing and market demand.

Consigning the ring to a specialized service may take longer, often extending from a few weeks to several months, as it involves waiting for a buyer to express interest. Auction houses schedule events periodically, ranging from every few months to annually, with the selling process lasting several days to a week. Conversely, selling to a local jewelry store may yield quicker results, providing an offer immediately or within a few days of evaluation.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to remain patient and consider factors like pricing strategy, market conditions, and potential fluctuations in demand throughout the selling journey.

Bottom Line: Why Diamonds USA is the Best Place to Sell Wedding Jewelry

When selling your wedding band or ring online, you’ve likely seen numerous companies vying for your unwanted jewelry. Among them, Diamonds USA stands out as a premier online diamond buyer.

With a steady influx of wedding bands received weekly, we’re ready to make a fair offer for yours.

Our team of GIA-certified appraisers swiftly assesses the quality of the stones in your ring, providing a comprehensive report. Moreover, equipped with extensive experience and state-of-the-art tools, we conduct meticulous metal analysis to accurately determine the value of gold, platinum, and other settings.

Yet, what sets Diamonds USA apart extends beyond our appraisal expertise. With years of industry experience catering to clients from individuals to Fortune 500 companies, we’re well-versed in handling diverse transactions. From large estate sales to private, individual deals, we’ve facilitated over $150 million worth of merchandise transactions. Trust Diamonds USA to turn your unwanted jewelry into a rewarding experience.

The Diamonds USA Process:

To sell your wedding ring on Diamonds USA, you’ll need to follow their specific selling process, which typically involves the following steps:

  1. Contact Diamonds USA: Reach out through our website to inquire about our buying process for pre-owned wedding rings.
  2. Provide Contact Information: Complete our contact information form to get your complimentary Appraisal Kit.
  3. Ship Your Ring: We’ll provide complimentary FedEx Overnight shipping so you can safely ship us your diamonds, gold, or other precious metals at no cost to you.
  4. Get Your Offer: Within one business day of receiving your materials, we’ll send you an offer.
  5. Accept (or Decline) Our Offer: If you accept our offer, we’ll rush your payment; if you decline the offer, we’ll return your items to you immediately, free of charge.
  6. Don’t Stress: We’ll cover the cost of shipping and insure your diamond jewelry against loss or damage, so you don’t have to worry. Every diamond jewelry shipment has a unique tracking number and barcode so you can track your shipment online throughout the entire process.
  7. Expect Satisfaction: If our offer does not meet your expectations, your items will be returned to you free of charge.

Selling one’s wedding or anniversary rings is undoubtedly a complex and deeply personal choice, often fraught with emotional weight. While financial considerations may drive the decision, it’s essential to acknowledge the profound emotional toll it can take. Parting with a symbol of love and commitment can evoke feelings of grief, loss, and even guilt. It signifies the end of a chapter and may reopen wounds of heartache and disappointment.

However, amidst the emotional turmoil, there can also be a sense of liberation and closure, allowing individuals to move forward and embrace new beginnings. Whether one chooses to sell their wedding band or not, it’s crucial to prioritize self-care and seek support to navigate the emotional journey with compassion and resilience.


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