Surprise engagements some of the most romantic moments in all of time. With so many interesting ways to deliver an engagement ring, in the entire history of diamonds, thousands of couples have been engaged in thousands of different ways. In fact, some of the most heartfelt moments in addition to the most compelling and diamond news stories written have consisted of the many different ways to deliver the ring.

Following are three different ways that have been used to deliver the engagement ring in true to life, already done scenarios that would bear a repeat performance by others.

Dusty Engagement: One half of the couple was a farmer who was also a crop duster. Taking his girlfriend on a crop dusting mission with him right before the harvest, they flew over the field in the usual way. When they gained altitude and she looked out the window, the phrase, “Marry Me!” was dusted over the field. They were engaged to be married in December of 2000.

The Swinging Couple: After finishing class, a swing-loving student gets in a car with her friends to go to a burger joint. On the way, they wind up at the end of a driveway where her boyfriend is sitting in the porch swing. Going to him, he takes her by the hand and they go to a field where he starts reading from a journal while standing next to a tree with another swing, and on the last entry, he reads about how thankful he was to be able to ask her parents for her hand in marriage. He then knelt beside her, and popped the question while simultaneously putting a ring on her finger and taking the cover off the swing. It read the couple’s last name because it was “their” new swing.

Romantic Overlook: A couple drives feverishly around town, going nowhere in her eyes. Soon arriving at a park the couple is driving in circles, and she sees other couples looking though telescopes. He says that is what they are there to do as well, but that they have to get there before sunset. Their first time there, after parking they walk quickly, with purpose until they arrived at an area that was a beautifully overlooked a great pond.

The area was lined with 12 candles aligned to form a heart. Beside them were scrolls containing the best virtues of her as seen by him, and when he was done reading them to her, picked her up along with a gift box containing a ring. He then popped the question on bended knee, and she was speechless. After nodding, her best friend shows up and they took photos of the diamond and her wearing it. Then, the couple went to dinner again where her family was there to revel in the excitement.

Runner Up: One of the most unique stories in all of the information about diamonds that you can find anywhere on the Internet is the one about a couple who decided they would both get engagement diamonds. The couple, whose passion is to throw pots, decided to get married as a mutual decision and instead of only one of the pair receiving a ring, they both got one – in their noses. Their date was set for May of 2000.

Engagements are always unique because there is always a unique personality popping the question to go with the ring, and in most cases, these unique personalities make for interesting engagement stories and ways to deliver the ring.

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