by Maya Bornstein

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Diamonds may be shiny, but they often come at enormous costs – well beyond their hefty price tags. Just consider the diamond trade terrorizing the central and western regions of Africa, as well as the catastrophic environmental impact of mining these gems. In response, jewelers are making strides towards minimizing the negative impacts of diamond mining. Consumers who love these natural beauties but refuse to yield their good consciences can now rest easy with many of the diamonds currently available on the market.

One of these environment-friendly gems is the new Ideal2 Diamond from MK Diamonds. Mined in the Canadian Arctic, the beautiful square-cut stone is the only one of its shape to boast its cherished Hearts and Arrows pattern. Thus, the Ideal2 Diamond is truly a unique treasure.

A burgeoning eco-friendly company, MK Diamonds, chooses specific Canadian mines that suit its earth-friendly specifications. MK selects only those companies that comply with stringent low-impact, high-sustainability standards for both the environment and local indigenous populations. To achieve this, the mines are kept under constant watch by third-party organizations dedicated to keeping the mining processes as safe and risk-free as possible.

Not only can MK Diamonds boast one of the most stunning jewels in the world, but the company also maintains exclusive rights for the Ideal2. This means that while the diamond can be sold by independent retailers in the U.S. and the Caribbean, each one must communicate directly with MK before offering it to customers for purchase. This edict allows MK to uphold its control over the product and keep in step with its high ecological standards.

Based in Los Angeles, MK Diamonds has been showcasing its expertise in the diamond industry for over thirty years. Thanks to the company’s emphasis on environmental safety and preservation, its mission stays strong. Yes, diamonds are constantly in demand all over the world, but so is the safety of the earth. Nowadays, with organizations that care about the environment as much as they care about the product, buyers everywhere can enjoy the best of both worlds.

If you are in possession of diamonds that are anything less than ideal, why not make quick cash for them through Diamonds USA? You never know – maybe the cash from all of your loose diamonds could amount to one eco-friendly Ideal2!

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