This 2011/2012 Autumn and holiday season has seen some eye-catching male and female fashion trends- but keeping up on fashion and jewelry trends can be pricey! Luckily, cash for diamonds is an easy, profitable, and reliable way to sell diamonds for cash, in order to make way for the new pieces you want this season. On the male front, fashion trends have increasingly shifted away from overly-dressed up and stuffy towards a casual, business chic this 2011 holiday season. That means your hubby’s family heirloom diamond tie clip, or diamond cuff links, which clearly have an old-school flair about them but go largely unworn in a wardrobe drawer, may be the perfect outdated diamond pieces to sell for cash this holiday season.

Ladies, get those outdated diamond encrusted brooches and chunky diamond chandelier earrings off of your jewelry tree, and sell your unworn yet valuable diamond jewelry for cash. Or if you have experienced a recent split that is comparable to the likes of the Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards divorce case, and have considered selling your diamond wedding or engagement ring to rid yourself of that last awful remainder of a relationship gone sour, now is the time to act on that thought. Selling old diamond jewelry for cash is an entirely legitimate way to make space for the new trends you wish to fill your jewelry box and closet with as the winter season fully approaches. Lose the old diamond jewelry, and update your look with a hot new Michael Kors chronograph or white ceramic watch. As diamonds have continually retained their status and value in the jewelry world as a precious and gorgeous stone, and diamond jewelry value is continually increasing on the jewelry market, selling old diamond jewelry through nationally recognized online diamond buyers provide a huge payout, which you can use in any glamorous way you want! An old diamond will always fetch a fair price, and the crisp money in your pocket can easily go straight to layering some flawless David Yurman bangles around your wrist this season.

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