There are a number of reasons why you might want to sell old diamond jewelry. Perhaps you’re looking to earn funds for a major purchase or want to remove old, out-of-style pieces from your jewelry box. Maybe you’ve inherited diamond jewelry that you don’t intend to wear or keep in storage. Whatever the case, it’s important to find a reputable buyer like Diamonds USA.

Diamonds USA Makes Selling Diamond Jewelry Easy

Technology has revolutionized commerce, and that includes selling diamonds. In the past, sellers would have to take their items to local jewelers, pawn shops and other in-person locations. Today, online diamond buyers like Diamonds USA offer a convenient alternative, allowing individuals to sell diamond jewelry safely from the comfort of home.

At Diamonds USA, we make it easier than ever to sell diamond jewelry online. Here’s what you can expect from our process:

  1. Start by requesting a free diamond appraisal kit. Fill out our simple online form with basic information about yourself and your items, and we’ll prepare free shipping materials for you. You can receive them by mail or instantly download a shipping label to print at home—with either option, your items will be insured.
  2. Ship us your jewelry and give us time to complete your appraisal. Within 24 hours of receiving your diamonds, we will contact you with our most competitive offer based on current market values.
  3. If you’re satisfied with our offer and decide to sell, simply accept the offer. If you decide not to sell your diamonds after all, we will return them to you at no additional cost.

Why Diamonds USA Is the Best Place to Sell Diamond Jewelry

Choosing the right buyer for your diamonds is key to ensuring a fair price and a hassle-free experience. Here are a few reasons why Diamonds USA is the most trustworthy, reliable place to sell your jewelry.

  • We pay you the full, fair market value for your diamonds, allowing us to consistently offer more than our competitors. We’ll give you the highest offer, guaranteed.
  • The entire process is easy and transparent, with no hidden fees or unexpected demands.
  • Unlike many other buyers, we are happy to buy any diamond in any condition. Even if it’s chipped, cracked or otherwise flawed, we will pay you for its full material value.
  • All of our diamond appraisals are performed by experienced, GIA-certified professionals, ensuring the most fair and accurate assessment of quality and price.
  • All shipments are automatically insured for up to $5,000 USD. If your diamond items need additional insurance, policies up to $100,000 are also available.
  • There’s absolutely no risk or obligation to sell. If you aren’t fully satisfied with our offer, you can have your diamond jewelry returned to you for free, no questions asked.

Sell Diamonds Online for Their True Value at Diamonds USA

No matter what kind of diamond jewelry you have or what condition it’s in, we can offer you the very best price. Get started today by requesting your free appraisal kit.