If you see the name Diamonds USA and then don’t immediately think of silver, we won’t blame you.  After all, the entire reason why the site mentions diamonds is that it’s an advertisement to those who want to sell their diamonds online for profit.  We at Diamonds USA are proud of that job – and we make sure to do it well.  We like to leave or diamond selling customers happy and we take every action to be sure that they are.

What many people aren’t aware of, however, is the fact that we also can process silver.  We’re a refinery of all sorts, which means that we’re not diamond specific.  The site name is to attract the diamond sellers, but if you happen to have silver and you contact us, you can be assured of the same quality of service and ultimate profit that our diamond selling customers enjoy.

Keep in mind that a lot of this is due to our diamond processing ability – not too many people just have loose diamonds sitting around their houses, waiting to be sold.  Most people who have diamonds actually have them in the form of jewelry, which means that the diamonds are in a setting.  If we couldn’t pay our customers for the setting that their diamonds were in as well as the rock itself, they wouldn’t be very happy customers!  We try to keep our customers satisfied, which means working with precious metals alongside diamonds.

With this in mind, the next time you see Diamonds USA, be sure to think silver.  We can get you high profits for little effort when it comes to selling your precious metals.  We like diamonds, we like silver – we like anything that sparkles and can be refined!

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