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by Alex Francis

If you didn’t know that diamonds could be naturally pink, don’t feel bad—you’re only slightly more out of the loop than the world’s scientists. The primary source of these pink diamonds is the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia after which they are named, and they are the most valuable diamonds currently on the market.

Adding to pink Argyle diamonds’ value and mystique is the fact that, while it is known why diamonds can sometimes be yellow or brown or even blue, no one knows what exactly gives Argyle diamonds their characteristic pink coloring.

Pure diamonds are colorless, because their carbon atoms are bonded together in a crystalline lattice structure that does not absorb light. As far as other colored diamonds go, Keal Byrne, a PhD student at the University of Western Australia in Perth and leader of a study to understand the cause of pink diamonds’ photochromic behavior, explained that “Sufficient nitrogen atoms in a diamond will make a diamond appear yellow; enough boron impurities can make a diamond appear blue.” No one has yet been able to identify the defect center in which carbon atoms may be either missing or replaced in a pink diamond.

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