Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Available in many different cuts, shapes, and sizes, diamonds go well with any outfit. Diamonds can make anyone look beautiful, smart, and rich.

Sometimes, though, people need to sell their precious diamonds. Perhaps they need to settle some debts, or maybe they no longer enjoy some of their pieces of jewelry. Some people decide to sell diamonds that they inherit as well. Whatever the reason, there are times when people need to let go of their attachments to their diamonds and use them to earn a profit.

Do you need to sell your diamonds? Keep reading to find some tips on choosing the best seller for your gemstones.

Reputable Diamond Sellers

It is important to locate an honest and trustworthy dealer to which to sell your diamonds. There are many sellers out there who will try to run scams or frauds in order to cheat you out of money you deserve to earn for your gems.

  • Do not be in a rush to select a diamond seller
  • Learn about your diamonds
  • Collect a few appraisals before choosing a venue through which to sell your pieces

Find out about the cut, clarity, size, and color of your diamonds. This will give you an advantage so you can justify asking a specific price for your stones. You will be able to research the actual wholesale value of your diamonds, which will give you an indication of what to expect at sale. Of course, since yours are pre-owned you will likely not get the full value at sale. You will not be able to sell your diamonds at the amount you paid at retail; however, by knowing the value of the stones you will have a bargaining chip with any seller.

Diamonds are generally in high-demand by buyers and sellers at all times. But, if you sell your diamonds when the economy is not all that great, you may have a slight advantage. You can try any of the following methods of selling your diamonds:

Visit a local jeweler.  Ask a jeweler in your local area how much he would be willing to pay for your diamonds. It is important to try this only after you already know the value of your stones so that you will not end up selling them at a large loss. Why? Well, unfortunately, most local (or even chain) jewelry stores typically give lowball offers for buying diamonds because they know that buyers are usually desperate to sell. What’s more, they usually do not negotiate. This is unlikely to be your best option.

Try an Internet auction website.  This could work well for you…or it may not. If you get several interested buyers, you may end up with a bidding war that could end up with you getting a great price for your diamonds. On the other hand, if you do not get much interest, you may end up selling your diamonds for a rather low price.

Contact an online diamond trader.  This option is likely your best choice, as these sellers generally make quite competitive offers. They know that you want to sell, but they also know that you will not sell unless you are given a fair price.

However you choose to sell your diamonds, make sure you do your research—not only on your diamonds, but also on the seller with whom you choose to work. Rushing in and making a quick sale could very well turn out to be a costly mistake!

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