Whenever I look in my jewelry box, there are pieces that have not seen the light of day in five years! My diamond rings and a diamond bracelet were gathering dust on the top while my diamond necklaces have made new friends with rust. Miraculously, the diamond watches still tick, even though my Baby-G hasn’t been worn since the second coming of the boy band era. My old treasures go years without being touched and they bring back many memories. But I have to come to terms that some pieces do not hold up to this season’s fashion trends. I figured I’m not the only one who faces this dilemma. Sometimes having cash in your pocket is better than a bunch of jewelry that is never worn. So my mom and I sat down to weed out the fashion disasters to the salvageable.

Turning Something Old Into Something New

For my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary, my dad gave my mom an upgraded wedding ring. Since my dad was a broke college student when my parents got married, my mom’s ring wasn’t exactly swimming in gold karats nor was it a classic (think Sex and the City and Carrie’s first engagement ring, a pear-shaped diamond with a gold band). My mom didn’t have the heart to toss it aside. Instead, she took out the diamond and designed her own necklace. Now she can wear both diamonds, one on her finger and one near her heart.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Fashion that is, not karma. It’s cyclical. After looking through my mother’s jewelry box, many rings and bracelets have come back in style. Even rummaging through my dad’s collection there are pieces that I would wear. Men’s watches are this season’s “it” items and have been seen on the likes of the Olsen twins and Rachel Bilson. They add a bit of a masculine touch to such a dainty arm.

When buying new pieces of jewelry, you can also sell old jewelry to give back. Take all your inexpensive pieces and give them to Goodwill for others who will give them a better home. Or, sell your old diamond pieces and give the money to your favorite charity.

For more ideas on what to do with your unused items, check out another resource for all of your old rings, watches, or other jewelry.

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