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Finding an Experienced Jewelry Buyer in Washington, D.C.

There may be many ways to sell your designer jewelry in Washington, D.C., but there’s only one way to get the most from your sale. Choosing a buyer who is experienced means that you’ll get not only the fairest price, but one that’s also accurate to the current market value of precious metals and gemstones.

Diamonds USA is an online diamond buyer with the experience needed to get you the most for your unwanted jewelry. But why choose to sell your pieces online with us? The simple answer is that because we don’t have a physical location, we can offer you more than an offline company would for your diamond rings.

An Intimate Understanding of Jewelry Valuation

It’s because of our years of experience that customers continue to choose us when they want to sell their diamonds online. For instance, in addition to the market prices of diamonds, a stone’s quality must also be determined.

Diamonds USA works exclusively with appraisers certified by the Gemological Institute of America, which is not only the largest but also the most highly respected organization in the country for gemstone education and research.

Our appraisers conduct accurate, careful and comprehensive appraisals of every stone we receive according to color, clarity, carat weight and cut. However, we also appraise the precious metals contained in settings or Rolex or Patek watches.

The result of having these diamond experts appraise your jewelry so thoroughly is a check for its actual value; not a portion of its resale value, as what you’re likely to receive when selling fine jewelry to a jewelry store or in-person buyer.

How Our Process Works

Selling diamonds online with us is both simple and secure. We send you a fully insured SAFEPAK mailer for you to mail your jewelry to us. One of our skilled appraisers assesses your piece, and we issue you a payment within 24 hours for its full and complete value.

In the event that you don’t agree with our offer, or change your mind about selling your estate jewelry to us, simply let us know. We will return your piece immediately, with no questions asked.

Who Are Diamonds USA Customers, and Why Do They Choose Us?

The customers who choose to work with us are very conscious of the value of their property and time. They want expert valuations of their jewelry and prices that reflect the precious nature of the stones and metals contained therein.

Our customers settle for nothing less than the highest professionalism and reliability, and want options for receiving their payments.

Diamonds USA delivers on all of these points, and aims to continuously exceed our customers’ expectations. Since our inception in 1975, we have worked with customers of every size, from Fortune 500 companies to individuals, which has given us a broad range of experience.

Our experience extends to the refining of precious metals, which allows us to assay platinum, silver and gold settings. All of this experience provides customers with prices that would typically only be available to private companies.

We choose SAFEPAK mailers because they are fully protected against damage and loss, and our payouts are accurate and very competitive. Our customers can choose to receive payments by check or same-day deposit via PayPal, and can also choose to cancel the process at any time without obligation.

Receive Your Professional Appraisal Today

When you choose Diamonds USA, you’ll never have to wonder where to sell diamond jewelry online again. We are a leading appraiser of diamonds in Washington, D.C., and ensure a safe and risk-free process.

Get the best price of any diamond buyer online by requesting your free appraisal kit from us below.