Selling your jewelry should be as easy and as profitable as possible. And this is exactly the experience you will enjoy at Diamonds USA.

We handle gold, silver and diamond shipments of all sizes. We base our payouts on appraisals completed by GIA-certified appraisers. You may be surprised at what your unwanted pieces of jewelry are worth!

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How To Sell Diamonds in Las Vegas

Where Is the Best Place to Sell Diamonds in Las Vegas?

To get the most for your diamonds, it’s absolutely essential to find the right buyer. You can visit a Las Vegas pawn shop or even Nevada Coin Mart and sell your diamonds. However, these buyers will only offer you part of the full value.

But when you choose an online buyer like Diamonds USA, full value is what you’ll always receive. We don’t have the additional costs of a brick-and-mortar store. This makes us able to buy your jewelry for significantly more than any of our offline competitors.

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How Much Can You Get for Your Diamond Engagement Ring?

Your diamond’s value will depend on constantly fluctuating market prices and the quality of the stone. A stone’s quality is determined by how it scores according to shape and cut, carat, clarity and color. Known as the “four Cs,” higher scores will translate to higher value.

Why We Are the Las Vegas Jewelry Buyer of Choice

Of all the types of diamond buyers in Las Vegas, NV, a growing number of clients are choosing Diamonds USA when they want real, fair, and accurate amounts for their unwanted diamonds, because we are:

Reliable and professional – We only work with appraisers certified by the Gemological Institute of America, and we are members of the Better Business Bureau. You can know that your SAFEPAK mailer is fully insured for damage and loss, and that you’ll receive a check within 24 hours.

Accurate and competitive – Our skilled and certified appraisers ensure valuations and payouts that are accurate, fair, and competitive.

Experienced – Diamonds USA has been working with individual clients and Fortune 500 companies for nearly 50 years. We are also experienced in precious metals refining, and can therefore assay gold jewelry, as well as silver and platinum.

Flexible – You can choose to receive your diamond appraisal amount via same-day PayPal deposit or check.

Transparent – As our client, you’ll always enjoy a risk-free experience. There’s never any obligation to sell; if you are unsatisfied with an appraisal and choose not to sell your diamonds to us, simply let us know, and we’ll return your diamonds right away.

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Don’t Settle for Less Than Full Value

There are many ways to sell your diamonds in Las Vegas. But only one will return an amount that accurately reflects their true value. Get your precious stones, jewelry or coins professionally appraised at Diamonds USA; request your free evaluation below.


You can mail in any item that contains
diamonds. These include wedding bands
set in gold, silver or platinum; items that
contain small diamonds, such as watches,
belt buckles, necklaces or rings; loose
diamonds bought on their own or that
may have come from custom-made

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