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Opportunity abounds in a bustling, historic metropolis like Philadelphia. If you have loose diamonds or jewelry sitting in storage, selling them could be your next opportunity to make additional income.

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How To Sell Diamonds in Philadelphia

Diamond Buyers in Philadelphia

Buying and selling diamonds used to mean driving all over the city between multiple jewelry stores and pawn shops to compare offers. These buyers still exist, but they no longer have the most competitive prices. Because of overhead costs and resale concerns, they keep a portion of the item’s value and offer you only a percentage.

Today, online buyers like Diamonds USA are a far better choice. Our online presence makes business faster and more cost effective, allowing us to give you the full material value of your items.

diamond ring
diamond ring

How Much Will I Get for My Diamonds?

Whether you’re looking to trade in loose stones or sell a diamond ring in Philadelphia, the goal is always to get the best price possible. This amount can vary depending on the current market prices, the buyer’s interests and the quality of the diamond.

The four key categories of diamond quality (the “4 C’s”) are:

  • Carat: how big the diamond is, measured by weight in carats
  • Clarity: how clear the material appears, which indicates flawlessness
  • Cut: the shape of the stone, such as round, heart, or square
  • Color: the diamond’s color, as well as how rich that color is

Diamonds that score higher in these four categories are generally worth more than others. At Diamonds USA, all of our appraisers are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This ensures accurate values in these categories and a fair price for you.

Diamonds USA Is the Best Place to Sell Jewelry in Philadelphia, PA

It’s time to turn that unworn engagement ring or old estate jewelry into income you can use. Here are just a few reasons why Diamonds USA is the best place in Philadelphia to sell diamonds.

  • We pay more than other diamond or jewelry buyers, guaranteed. We can also offer rates that are usually reserved for private companies and brokerage firms. 
  • Our appraisers are GIA-certified for fair, accurate prices. In addition to the diamond, we’ll also pay you the value of any precious metals in your jewelry’s settings. 
  • Selling with us is fast and efficient. All appraisals are completed within 24 hours of receiving the item(s).
  • There’s no risk, and satisfaction is guaranteed. All shipments are tracked and insured. If you aren’t interested in our offer, we’ll return your items at no charge.

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