Make Money Selling Your Diamonds in Chicago

Chicago is a major financial center teeming with industrious people. If you’re one of the thousands of residents looking for the next big opportunity, selling unwanted diamond rings and other items can be a smart financial move. For a simple experience and a great price, Diamonds USA is the best place to sell diamonds in Chicago.

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How To Sell Diamonds in Chicago

Choosing the Right Local Diamond Buyer

There are two main types of buyers: traditional in-person buyers and online diamond buyers.

In-person diamond buyers, like jewelers, pawnbrokers and resale shops, make a profit by selling your items. They usually offer only a portion of their estimated resale value, and may decline items that aren’t in good condition.

Online buyers like Diamonds USA are interested in the material value of your diamonds. We don’t have the costs of running a physical store, allowing us to offer higher prices to our customers. We also buy diamonds in any condition and pay you for any other valuable materials.

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How Much Can I Get for My Diamond Jewelry?

Because diamonds vary so much in quality and type, determining their value requires professional judgment. A diamond’s value is mainly influenced by what are called the “4 C’s.”

  • Cut: shape and faceting
  • Color: hue and richness
  • Clarity: how many flaws there are (flawed = cloudy; flawless = clear)
  • Carat: weight/size

An appraiser can compare this information to current market prices to give an estimated value. The better your diamonds score in these categories, the more you can potentially get for them.

Why Diamonds USA Is the Best Place to Sell Your Jewelry and Loose Stones

At Diamonds USA, we make it easy to sell loose diamonds and jewelry in Chicago. Here are just a few reasons why we’re the best choice of jewelry buyer:

  • We pay more (as much as three times more!) than the competition—guaranteed. With our price-matching guarantee, we make it easy to get top dollar for your items.
  • All of our appraisers have been certified by the Gemological Institute of America. You’ll receive a fair payment based on professional judgment.
  • Our process is fast and efficient. Items are appraised within 24 hours of receipt and you can do everything remotely from home.
  • All packages are insured and tracked, so there’s no risk to your assets.
  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with your compensation, we’ll return your items at no cost, with no hassle.
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Discover the Value of Your Diamonds With a Free Appraisal

To start selling diamonds, fill out our form to receive free shipping materials. Use them to send us your diamonds, then simply wait for us to complete your appraisal. We’ll send you our very best offer within 24 hours of receiving your shipment. Our process really is that simple; it’s also profitable, fast and secure.


You can mail in any item that contains
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set in gold, silver or platinum; items that
contain small diamonds, such as watches,
belt buckles, necklaces or rings; loose
diamonds bought on their own or that
may have come from custom-made

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