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Have you been wondering where to sell jewelry in Austin? We are dedicated to making selling jewelry in Austin as easy and profitable for you as possible.


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How To Sell Diamonds in Austin

No matter if you wish to sell a small diamond ring online or a large stone, Diamonds USA is an Austin jewelry buyer that can handle your shipment size. We only work with GIA-certified appraisers because they represent the highest standards in the industry. You may be pleasantly surprised by the amount you receive for your diamonds and jewelry!

All that’s needed to begin with our Austin jewelry buyers is to fill out our short form. We’ll send you a SAFEPAK mailer, insured against damage and loss, at no cost. Place your diamonds inside, and within 24 hours, you’ll receive a professional appraisal and a check for the full value of your diamonds.

We’ll also include payment for the value of any jewelry sent to us in platinum, silver or gold settings.

How Much Can I Receive from Austin Diamond Buyers?

The amount you get for selling diamonds online depends on several factors. But there’s a way to estimate how much you might get when you sell your jewelry in Austin.

The “4 Cs” determine the price of a diamond according to cut, color, carat and clarity. Cut refers to the shape of a diamond and its facets. A diamond’s color refers to its hue as well as the color’s richness. Blue and pink are rare, and therefore tend to be worth the most.

Carat refers to how much a stone weighs, and clarity is a measurement of the flaws in a stone. The fewer the flaws, the higher the value.

Whole diamonds are worth more than diamond chips. As well, gold is worth more than silver. These are definite considerations when trying to get a base value.

Even if you want to sell a diamond ring in Austin, TX that’s broken or damaged, you’ll still receive the full value.

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Why You Should Sell Jewelry in Austin With Us

It’s true that other Austin diamond buyers will give you money for your diamonds. But they’ll also charge you appraisal or brokerage fees, which only takes away from what you receive. But you won’t find any of these hidden charges with Diamonds USA; we are the best place to sell gold in Austin, TX, with no hidden fees.

How It Works

Just fill out the form below to request your appraisal kit. Attach the included shipping label and place your items into the mailer. Within 24 hours of receiving your mailer, your diamonds are professionally appraised, and our diamond buyers in Austin, TX will let you choose from instant payment options: direct deposit, PayPal, virtual Visa credit card, print-at-home check, or you can receive a check via USPS or FedEx Overnight shipping.

There’s never any obligation to accept our offer; simply let us know you aren’t interested, and we’ll return your diamonds to you, no questions asked.

It really is that simple. You can start the secure process right now—just fill out the form below to start selling diamonds in Austin.

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You can mail in any item that contains
diamonds. These include wedding bands
set in gold, silver or platinum; items that
contain small diamonds, such as watches,
belt buckles, necklaces or rings; loose
diamonds bought on their own or that
may have come from custom-made

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