What Diamonds do we buy?

You can mail in any item that contains diamonds. These include wedding bands set in gold, silver or platinum; items that contain small diamonds, such as watches, belt buckles, necklaces or rings; loose diamonds bought on their own or that may have come from custom-made jewelry; and large, sometimes specially-cut diamonds, which tend to be worth the most. You can even send in jewelry that doesn’t contain any diamonds at all, such as gold & silver jewelry. Diamonds USA title buys it all!

What Size Diamonds Do You Accept?

All sizes. No diamond is too big or too small.

Do You Guys Buy Broken Jewelry?

As long as it contains diamonds, we will be able to pay you for it. The condition of the material doesn’t influence the amount of money you’re going to receive. Your compensation is actually based on the weight and purity of the materials you send in, which means that broken jewelry will appraise just as well as regular jewelry.

Can I Mail My Material In My Own Packaging.

Yes you can. Just make sure to include your return address. You can ship materials to us at:

15 Dan Road
Suite 150
Canton MA 02021

If I’m not satisfied with my offer, can I get my item(s) back?

Absolutely. If you deny our offer we’ll return your item(s) to you free of charge without any hassle.

Will My Material Be Safe and Secure While in Transit?

All packages are insured by a third party for your estimated diamond value, so there’s nothing to worry about while your material is in transit.

How Safe Will My Material Be at Your Facility?

Extremely safe. Not only will you be able to track your package every step of the way, our facilities are monitored constantly by closed-circuit security cameras too. You can rest-assured that your material is going to be in good hands.

Do You Buy Gold, Platinum or Silver?

Yes we do. Often times, the material people send in consists not only of diamonds but also of gold, platinum or silver too. We can appraise those parts of your shipment as well and offer you competitive prices for them.

How Will I Receive My Payment?

You can either receive payment by check sent in the mail or electronically with Paypal. If you want to take advantage of same day electronic payment using Paypal, let us know by writing “Quickpay” in the material description box along with the contents of your package and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate your request.