The Aurora Collection of diamondsDiamonds have been viewed as a hot commodity all throughout history, and in current times, it seems that they are more popular than ever. Demand and stock prices for the rare gem are high, despite the wavering economy. Diamonds are incredibly difficult to mine for, and especially rare specimens can sell for millions. However, jewelry and diamond stock prices are not the only indicators of the demand for diamonds. The value of diamonds can be seen in current news, where two New York families are locked in a bitter court battle over a large collection of rare, colored gems.


The two families are battling over ownership rights to the Aurora Collection, which contains 295 naturally colored diamonds and is considered the most comprehensive grouping of colored diamonds in the world. The collection was put together by Harry Rodman and Alan Bronstein in the 1980’s and 90’s and has been exhibited in some of the most prestigious museums in the world, including the American Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian, and the Natural History Museum in London. Colored diamonds are found in nature even more rarely than their clear counterparts. While these gems have significant historical value, their present-day monetary value is enormous. Appraised at over $14 million, the collection is now caught in the middle of a fierce feud between the Rodman and Bronstein families.


Following Harry Rodman’s death in 2008, the Rodman family took Alan Bronstein to court in a fight over who was entitled to Rodman’s half of the collection. Rodman was a successful gold refiner who met Bronstein, an up-and-coming diamond dealer, after his retirement in the mid 1980’s. The two became fast friends and began their diamond collection together, profiting off of the lack of demand for colored diamonds that existed in the 80’s and early 90’s. While the collection would ordinarily just be split in half and divided amongst Rodman’s heirs, the court case was further complicated by the fact that Rodman made several wills in the last years of his life, and his widow is Bronstein’s mother.


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