If you are about to buy an engagement ring, you might want to know a little more information about diamonds before you purchase that ring for the love of your life. While it is true that most girls will love the ring you pick out for her, it is also true that all diamonds are not created equal.

wedding rings

Wedding ring with engagement band.

Rings come in many shapes, sizes, clarities, and price ranges. There are some guys who look at only the price of the ring, while others are interested in the quality of the ring. Even more, there are guys who are interested in both the quality and the price of the engagement ring. Here are a few things for you to consider before you start your shopping.

There are four important things about a diamond that you should know, or at least be familiar with before you flip open you wallet and plunk down your dollars. There is the cut of the diamond, it’s clarity, how much the diamond weighs, and the color of the gem. While you may think a diamond is clear, you might be surprised to learn they can be white, yellow, and even pink and blue. A truly clear diamond is the most expensive because it is rare.

What cut of diamond are you most interested in? The cut of the gem is what makes it sparkle, so you don’t want a diamond that is cut really deep, or too shallow.

The clarity of your choice of diamond will also affect the sparkles. The fewer the imperfections, the higher the quality, and therefore, the more expensive your engagement ring will be. Also, you don’t want a ring with imperfections on the top of the diamond. Look for one with the imperfections on the bottom of the stone. When the inclusions are on the top, it affects the brilliance of the diamond, causing it to sparkle less.

Last, you should know about the weight. As you know, the weight of the diamond is called the carat. Obviously, the more the carat, the more expensive the ring will be. While huge diamonds are impressive, make sure your soon-to-be fiancé enjoys large rings on her fingers. Some girls honestly prefer smaller sized rings.

wedding rings

More engagement ring styles to choose from.

Buying an engagement ring is the first step toward your new life as a married man. Enjoy this time and make the most of your presentation. If you are good at keeping surprises, make your special night the surprise of your soon to be fiancé’s life!



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