What to Know About the Diamonds on the $3.4 Billion Royal Crowns

All eyes will be on the crown jewels at the coronation of King Charles III. The royal crowns that will be worn by King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla will feature some of the most valuable diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones in the world. In this article, we will detail the fascinating history [...]

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A Guide to Baguette Diamonds

Diamonds come in a vast array of shapes and sizes, each with their own characteristics and properties. Different gemstone cuts are also suited to various purposes and personalities. One popular and versatile cut is the baguette, and it’s a gorgeous choice for everything from earrings to engagement rings. What Are Baguette Diamonds? A baguette diamond [...]

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How to Sell Jewelry Online

At Diamonds USA, you can sell your jewelry for the highest price possible. Gold, platinum, and other metals—along with precious stones like diamonds—are all beautiful to have, but if no one is wearing them, it may be an opportune time to capitalize on the gains. Whether your jewelry is broken, out of date, or simply [...]

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How to Tell Cubic Zirconia vs. Diamond

If you have a piece of diamond jewelry at home, you may wonder if it’s a real diamond or not. After all, cubic zirconia can look a lot like a diamond. While there are some significant differences between cubic zirconias and diamonds, the only way to really confirm is through testing by an expert. However, [...]

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How to Tell if a Diamond Is Real

Let’s face it. The majority of people aren’t diamond experts, and so you may not know how to tell if a diamond is fake. Although none of the following tips for spotting a fake diamond should be considered replacements for the professional experience and equipment of certified appraisers, they can help you decide which next [...]

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How to Sell Your Diamond Engagement Ring

There are many reasons that a person may wish to sell their engagement rings. No matter why you are considering selling, there are many options for doing so. We reveal how to go about selling your ring and the places that will offer you the most. Where Should You Sell Your Ring? In order to [...]

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The Best Way to Sell Loose Diamonds

At Diamonds USA, we offer the safest and most beneficial way for you to sell your loose diamonds online. Our appraisals are complimentary, risk-free, and private. As the most trusted brand in North America, we can offer you a fast, safe, and professional way of selling loose diamonds online. How Does It Work? If you’re [...]

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What Are the Top 10 Most Expensive Diamonds in the World?

The diamond is one of the most precious, most beautiful, and most coveted natural creations in the world. The larger diamonds are in size, and the more exceptional their clarity and color, the more these incredibly durable and eye-catching gems are worth. Today, we’ll reveal 10 of the most breathtaking and expensive diamonds in the [...]

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Birthstone Chart Guide: Birthstones by Month

The birthstone is a legendary, mystical, and interesting object in the world of gemstones. Many of the birthstones we’re most familiar with (called traditional or ancient birthstones) were identified between the 16th and 18th century in Poland. The “modern birthstones” wouldn’t be identified and announced until 1912, when a list was released by the National [...]

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