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Diamonds All Over the World

photo via Flickr Researchers have published evidence that diamonds may exist in Antarctica due to the presence of kimberlites in the eastern part of the continent. The findings, which were published in Nature Communications, imply that diamonds could now be found on every continent. 120-Million-Year-Old Kimberlites Kimberlites are formed between 100 and [...]

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Investors Clamor for Large and Colored Diamonds

photo via Flickr In 2005, jeweler Laurence Graff purchased a 50.01-carat diamond for $4.2 million. He then sold it, but when the gem went on the market again in 2012, Graff had to pay $8.4 million to get it back. The fact that the price of an individual stone doubled over the [...]

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It’s Raining Diamonds

photo via Flickr Or rather, it would be if we were on Jupiter or Saturn. A pair of scientists recently announced that the two planets could be producing as many as 10 million tons of diamonds. They believe that large chunks of the precious stone are floating in the planets’ atmospheres and that, at lower [...]

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EU Ends Sanctions on Diamonds from Zimbabwe

  Zimbabwe Landscape | photo by MAZZALIARMADI.IT via Flickr.com   An official statement released by the European Union confirms their decision to resume doing business with the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation, ending its ban on the importation of rough diamonds from the nation. Zimbabwe’s diamond exports were suspended under the Kimberley Process [...]

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Rare Blue Diamonds Set to Sell for Millions

  photo via M.S. Rau Antiques   Blue diamonds are among the rarest of the fancy colored gemstones, and two of them are expected to sell for tens of millions of dollars in the coming weeks. The first is the Royal Blue--a 10.6-carat cut-cornered, modified brilliant cut diamond that is just one [...]

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India Could Be Sitting on Untouched Diamonds

photo by soundog via Flickr Roughly 100 miles underground, massive amounts of heat and pressure crystallize carbon into diamonds. The rough stones are then pushed toward the surface through small volcanic eruptions known as kimberlite eruptions, which seem to have stopped occurring 20 million years ago. It is from these kimberlite pipes [...]

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Online Diamond Sales are on the Rise

As wedding season fast approaches, engagement and wedding rings are hot commodities—but it’s not just physical jewelry stores that are enjoying the extra business. More and more people are instead turning to the Internet to buy diamonds and rings, and the online market for jewelry has enjoyed consistent growth as a result. According to [...]

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A Diamond Is Forever…But It Wasn’t Always

by Amber Zhai   photo by Tela Chhe | Flickr.com   The first request a woman’s friends make upon the announcement of her engagement is always the unfailing, “Let me see the ring!” It’s common knowledge now that engagement is synonymous with a ring, and many aspiring brides don’t even consider themselves [...]

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