Sell Large Diamonds For Cash Online

As a general rule, large diamonds have the most value. The actual value depends, however, on a number of factors called: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. A GIA-Certified Appraiser plays a vital part in determining the value of large stones (1 Carat or larger).

Stones are carefully examined under a microscope for imperfections, the quality of the cut (facets), color and weight. A large pure white, perfectly cut stone that is devoid of any imperfections can be worth many tens of thousands of dollars and even more if of a very large size (carat weight).

There are other factors that influence diamond value too. These include the current popularity of the stone’s cut and market demand vs. availability. For this reason, Cash for Diamonds USA uses only the most qualified and experienced large stone appraisers to determine the value of each sizeable diamond.

Here are some of the most popular diamond cuts used for larger stones:

Round Brilliant Princess Emerald Marquise Radiant
Pear Heart Oval Asscher Trillion Triangle

Most people are familiar with very-large, famous diamonds just by virtue of the fact that they are so very rare. Moreover, their value is enormous and well beyond the buying power of most of us. Of these, the Hope Diamond, a single stone of 45.52 carats is probably the most famous although there are many diamonds that are much, much larger.

A current table of larger diamonds lists 75 stones ranging in size from 72 carats to an almost unbelievable 616 carats for the Kimberly Octahedron. These super-large stones are white, yellow, brown, black, pale pink, blue, coffee, champagne, red and various tints and shades of color and in a wide variety of shapes and cuts. Few of these will ever be wearable as jewelry but reside in museums and private displays as valuable curiosities.
Some are natural, and have never been cut at all.

With larger stones, you may be pleasantly surprised at the size of the check you will receive. Now is the time to turn your loose diamonds into much-needed extra cash!

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