Heist movies have been one of the most prominent Hollywood genres since their inception in the early 1930’s, and continue to be a favorite among moviegoers today. Movies like Ocean’s 11 and The Italian Job feature a slick and ingenious cast of loveable criminals attempting a daring theft that leaves the audience breathlessly enjoying the proceedings. There are many variations on the archetypal plot, but the movies almost always include witty banter amidst the heart pounding action, creating a movie that is enjoyable for everyone. Some of the best heist films—also known as “caper” films—are ones in which the criminals are after more than just money: they’re after diamonds. Notable examples include the Pink Panther series, Snatch, A Fish Called Wanda, and many more. However, one thing that these movies rarely show is how these criminals, assuming their heist is successful, manage to turn their diamonds into cash.

So for all you fictional criminals out there, and also all the other normal people in the world, wondering how to sell loose diamonds, there is a very simple solution. Rather than try your luck at a pawnshop where the brokers are professionals at undervaluing your items and underpaying you, why not sell your diamonds to Diamonds USA? They are the nation’s leading diamond refinery and they will happily take your unwanted diamonds and pay you good money in return. Many cash for diamonds companies will only pay their customers a fraction of what their materials are worth because the refining process is so expensive. However, because Diamonds USA is at the forefront of the industry, the sheer volume of material that they process offsets the high price of refining, meaning they can dish out a significantly larger paycheck to their customers. After finally figuring out how to sell loose diamonds, why would you want to get only a fraction of the money you deserve?

Now many of the fictional criminals at home are sitting and thinking to themselves, “I just conducted an elaborate heist and I’m completely exhausted. I don’t think I can handle another complicated process when selling my diamonds.” Well lucky for you lazy bandits out there, selling your diamonds to Diamonds USA is super easy. All you have to do is order a pre-paid fully insured shipping label from FedEx, put your materials inside, send them off, and wait for a check. You can keep resting your weary legs and within 10 days of receiving your items, a check will be on its way. Once you get your money, you can run off and live secluded on a Hawaiian island and enjoy the payout from your heist spoils in peace. That is, until its time for a sequel, at which time you will undoubtedly be thrust back into the crime game. Thankfully, you can always count on Diamonds USA to pay you the money you deserve for your criminal labors.

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