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The Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia, source of the world’s most sought-after diamonds | photo by David Gardiner |

If after reading our Valentine’s Day post about the mysterious phenomenon of pink diamonds you were curious to learn more about the precious gems, you are not alone. Though the rare pink stones got a taste of fame when Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a 6.1-carat pink diamond ring back in 2002, they have definitely been increasing in prominence as of late.

Popularity Driven by Exclusivity

Driving the intrigue behind pink diamonds is that, in addition to being exceptionally rare, almost all of them come from a single mine in Western Australia. Here’s how it breaks down: It’s estimated that pink diamonds account for about 0.03% of the total diamonds produced in the world. And although the vast majority of that supply comes from the Argyle mine in Australia, only 0.01% of Western Australia’s diamond production is pink. And in case that didn’t make them rare enough, only 1% of the aforementioned 0.01% are the highest-quality “fancy pink” diamonds that come with the highest price tags.

Adding to the exclusivity of the small yearly yield of pink diamonds is the fact that the Argyle mine’s supply of pink diamonds will likely run dry within the next decade. The current yearly production of the finest pink diamonds would fit in a single teacup, and they are not easy to get a hold of, either. Every year, the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender tours through select international cities to auction off only the highest quality pink diamonds, which are usually over half a carat in size and literally one in a million. This year, less than 60 stones will be touted around through places like New York and Hong Kong.

Pink or Not, We Pay Cash for Diamonds

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