When people see the name Diamonds USA, their first thought is not typically about silver.  However, despite the name having the world diamonds. Diamonds USA is a great place to go about selling your scrap silver, or selling silver coins.

How can this be, you ask?  Simple.  Diamonds USA is actually connected to a refinery, and our refinery processes all kinds of precious metals and stones – everything from diamonds to silver.  It’s also very important for us to be able to process precious metals as well as stones for the sheer fact that not many people have loose diamonds hanging around.  Diamonds tend to come in jewelry, which means that if you’re looking for good prices on scrap silver, we can deliver as well on silver as we can on diamonds.

So if you are looking to sell scrap silver, Diamonds USA can offer you just as good of a price on this precious metal as it can on diamonds.  The capabilities of our refinery are impressive, which means that we can work with many different precious metals and stones with the utmost of ease.  If you are looking to get in to the process of selling your silver coins, Diamonds USA is a great place to start.

Of course, it’s even better if you can sell us silver jewelry that has diamonds in it – better for us as well as you. But even if you’ve just got scrap silver to sell, we’ve got the cash to buy!  Getting in touch with scrap silver buyers has never been easier – simply visit Diamonds USA.  The name may seem misleading, but when you get that check in the mail you’ll know it’s anything but!

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