wedding bands

Like most jewelry, wedding bands can be simple and relatively inexpensive or fancy and quite costly. Settings can be gold, platinum and occasionally silver. 

Sometimes wedding bands that were once important to their wearer find their way into a jewelry box or drawer, never to see the light of day again. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still valuable. The value of any precious metal jewelry containing diamonds is determined separately by the weight and purity of the metals and the current market price the day it is received, along with the value of the gemstones.

But where is the best place to go when you want to sell a wedding ring?

Where to Sell Your Wedding Ring

All it takes is a quick online search to discover there are many places near you where you can offload a wedding ring. You may be able to visit one or more jewelry stores in a nearby mall who will buy your rings and other jewelry from you, assuming they have the required specialized tools and experience needed.

There are probably also a few pawn shops near you who will give your jewelry items a quick inspection, and consult with market prices before offering you an amount for your unwanted rings.

These locations can all get you paid for your jewelry. But before you rush over there, consider the full scope of their offer. Pawnshops and mall outlets are physical locations, with expensive rent and labor fees. This overhead will most likely eat into your offer. You may be able to get a better offer for your wedding ring somewhere else. 

When you choose to sell your wedding ring to an online buyer, you will often receive a more competitive offer than you might receive with the aforementioned options. 

How is that possible? This is partly because direct online buyers like Diamonds USA doesn’t have a retail storefront with costly overhead to operate. But beyond that, the shear volume of business we conduct allows us to offer better rates than our competitors. We know that you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you discover just how simple and safe selling your ring online can be. But in order to get a fair market offer for your material, it’s important to ensure that you’ve chosen the right company.

Why Diamonds USA Is the Best Place to Sell Wedding Rings

When you’re considering selling your wedding ring online, you may have already discovered there are several online companies ready and willing to buy your unwanted jewelry. Diamonds USA is a top online diamond buyer. We buy all types of wedding bands and receive a large number of these each week. 

Our GIA-certified appraisers are able to quickly get a full report on the quality of the stones in your ring. And because we have the necessary experience and equipment, they’ll also conduct metal analysis to determine the value of gold, platinum, and other settings.

But these aren’t the only reasons to choose Diamonds USA when it’s time to sell wedding rings or other jewelry. We have several years of experience in the industry, working with clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. We handle large estate sales, as well as private, individual transactions.

We’ve bought & sold over $150 Million of merchandise


How to Sell Your Wedding Ring With Diamonds USA

Once you’ve decided to sell your wedding ring with us, all you have to do is send us your valuables by requesting a complimentary appraisal kit. This kit is insured against damage and loss during transit and while in our possession up to $5,000.00 automatically. Additional insurance is available up to $100,000.00 prior to shipping.

Upon receipt, we will appraise your diamonds and evaluate the precious metals to determine their value. Then, we’ll send you a fair market offer within one business day of receiving your shipment. 

Here’s How to Get Started

To request your free appraisal kit, fill out our form and we’ll provide you with complimentary FedEx Overnight shipping so you can safely ship us your diamonds, gold, or other precious metals at no cost to you. 

Within one business day hours of receiving your shipment we’ll send you an offer which you can accept or decline. If you accept, we’ll rush you payment, if you decline the offer, we’ll return your item(s) to you right away, free of charge.

We’ll cover the cost of shipping and pre-insure your diamond jewelry against loss or damage so you don’t have to worry. And every diamond jewelry shipment has a unique tracking number and barcode so you can track your shipment online throughout the entire process.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If our offer does not meet your expectations, your items will be returned to you free of charge. 

Get Your Jewelry Professionally Appraised With Diamonds USA Today

When you choose an experienced online diamond buyer like Diamonds USA, you can benefit from:

  • A stress-free process with our complimentary, insured and trackable appraisal kit
  • A professional and comprehensive evaluations of your jewelry by GIA-certified appraisers
  • A fair market offer 
  • Multiple payment options including direct deposit, PayPal, virtual credit card, print-at-home check, or check via USPS or FedEx.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee that returns your jewelry immediately if you aren’t satisfied with our offer

It’s easy to get started selling your wedding ring with Diamonds USA; just request your free appraisal kit by clicking the SELL SAFELY button now.