Nothing can compete with the cut, clarity, and shine of a Roman diamond.  Diamonds from anywhere on the European continent shine with a brilliance that leaves most diamonds from other parts of the world in the rough.

While Roman diamonds are gorgeous and add an alluring sparkle to any woman’s jewelry collection, sometimes diamonds become old, antique, broken, or unwanted.  If this is the case for you, have you considered selling your Roman diamonds for cash?  In this unstable economy, the price of commodities – including precious stones and metals – has risen to its highest point in twenty years.  If you own any Roman diamonds that you no longer have use for, now is the perfect time to take advantage of these prices and sell them for a real cash profit.

We at Diamonds USA are committed to making the diamond-selling process an easy and profitable one for our customers.  When you work with Diamonds USA, you work directly with the refinery that will be recycling your diamonds, thus ensuring you a higher profit than if you worked with local pawnshops or jewelers.  If you sell to a pawnshop or jeweler, they will often take a large cut of your profit as a fee for acting as the middleman – often they will turn around and sell your diamonds to a refinery after they pay you.  Very few local pawnshops and jewelers are directly connected with a refinery, and thus must lessen your profit margin to extend theirs.

Not us at Diamonds USA!  We work in bulk, so we are able to offer you a higher profit than what you would be offered if dealing with local pawnshops or jewelers.  We encourage you to contact us today, either through our website or by phone – we promise complete ease of service and the highest cash-for-diamonds rate around.

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