If you work for a refinery, like we do at Diamonds USA, one of the best parts is how versatile you can be as a company.  We’re much more of a jack-of-all-trades than you might originally suspect, given the name of our website.  Sure, we’re called Diamonds USA and we primarily work with precious stones, but did you know that we can also process your silver and offer you the same great profit that our diamond selling customers get?  It’s true!

The reasons for this are myriad in scope, but think simply – not that many people have diamonds lying around their houses.  What we mean is this: people tend to buy diamonds in the form of jewelry.  Diamond jewelry is not typically just a sole diamond.  It comes in a settling, usually gold, platinum, or silver.  This means that when customers ship us their diamond jewelry, we need to be able to process their precious metals as well as their diamonds.  If we couldn’t do this, it would make our customers unhappy because they would not be getting a good deal on their diamond jewelry.  Because we pride ourselves on giving our customers a great deal and the utmost in customer satisfaction, we ensure that we can deal with all kinds of precious metals, silver included!

But even if your shipment does not contain any diamonds, we can still appraise and process it.  We can deal with silver in all of its forms just as easily as we can deal with diamonds.  Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Diamonds USA if you would like to sell your silver.  We would love to buy it, and love to introduce you to the ease of selling and solid customer service that we have become famous for.

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