Diamonds as a CommodityIf regulators approve the products, diamonds could soon become commoditized in a similar vein to gold, silver, and other precious metals. Transforming the status of diamonds to a commodity would be the result of the introduction of exchange traded funds based on the obscure market. An ETF could be a diamonds’ best friend or worst enemy, depending on your perspective of the situation.

The current diamond market has been the focus of countless investors and is always on the mind of commodity traders worldwide. According to Edahn Golan, a financial expert who was recently featured in a New York Times article, diamond is the last un-commoditized commodity and is drawing the interest of countless organizations. But, as with any natural resource or commodity, diamonds come with their own set of “problems.”

Diamonds, unlike gold or silver, have a variety of characteristics that span beyond simple karats. The worth of a diamond is evaluated by size, quality, clarity, and color, in addition to karats. Additionally, De Beers controls approximately 40 percent of the diamond market, making uniformed diamond pricing difficult. Several firms worldwide have attempted to develop standardized pricing indexes for diamond pricing, but only time will tell if these pricing indexes actually catch on in the industry.

Although countless financial advisors are advising caution in regards to diamond ETF, if a ETF does occur, diamonds could be the new gold. Diamonds, similar to gold, are alluring in nature, because they are easily authenticated and identified and are long lasting. If diamonds do in fact become a commodity, thousands of individuals who have invested in diamonds will experience quite the pay-out.

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