Diamond Quantum ComputerThroughout history, diamonds have been used in the most luxurious pieces of jewelry, but nowadays, researchers are using them for a radically different purpose. A team of researchers from California has built a quantum computer in a diamond, demonstrating the functionality of solid-state quantum computers.


The computer includes protection against “decoherence,” a type of harmful noise which previous quantum computers had not been able offer protection against. This computer marks significant progress in the quantum computing industry, because unlike its gas and liquid state counterparts, it can be scaled up in size. The small size of current quantum computers is the main factor that prohibits them from competing with traditional computers.


All diamonds include some impurities, but while they are seen as unsightly in pieces of jewelry, they are key pieces of the quantum computer. Researchers used existing impurities in the diamond to house quantum bits made of subatomic particles. By placing quantum bits in a nitrogen nucleus and an electron, the team was able to create a computer that is both stable and fast.


gooElectrons are fast at performing computations but tend to suffer from decoherence. Researchers used pulses to continually change the direction of the electron spin rotation, thus eliminating the problem of decoherence. By changing the direction of rotation, the computer benefits from the speed of electrons without being hindered by their instability.


The research team demonstrated how well their quantum computer works by comparing it to “Grover’s algorithm.” The algorithm, developed by Lov Grover in 1996, creates a model for quantum computers and shows their potential for growth. Though diamonds are a new development for the quantum-computing world, the comparison to “Grover’s algorithm” proved that the computer operates in a quantum fashion. The computer’s success opens the door for future developments that may lead to future quantum computers that are able to function as well as traditional computers, but in a much more compact form.


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