Diamond Buyers in Portland, Oregon

If you have unwanted jewelry that contains diamonds, gold, or other precious stones and metals, you may be exploring your options to find the best place to sell jewelry in Portland.

The reality is there are many establishments, including local jewelry stores and pawn shops, that may fulfill at least some of your requirements. But they may not be able to get you the amount you expect for your diamond jewelry, simply because of high overhead and appraisal fees. This is part of the reason that online diamond buyers have become so popular in recent years.


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Understanding the Appraised Value of Your Diamond Jewelry

The amount you ultimately receive from diamond jewelry buyers in Portland, Oregon, depends on a few factors. First, the experience of a buyer will directly affect the amount of money you ultimately receive in exchange for your jewelry.

The best diamond buyers in Portland will know how to properly and thoroughly appraise your diamonds according to color, carat, clarity and cut, also known as the “four Cs.” In order to accomplish this to the highest standard, they should be certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

A reputable buyer should also be able to offer you the full value of your jewelry. That means no hidden brokerage or appraisal fees. Additionally, the turnaround time from appraisal to receiving your funds should be expeditious.

When you choose to sell your diamonds online with Diamonds USA, receiving the highest amount in the shortest time is simply the way we do business. We do not have the overhead costs of managing a brick-and-mortar location like many jewelry buyers in Portland, so we are naturally able to offer you more for your diamond jewelry.

Selling Your Diamonds Online With Diamonds USA

Diamonds USA possesses a combined 58 years of experience in the diamond appraisal, metals assay, and jewelry purchasing. We have purchased loose stones, complete jewelry pieces, and even broken gold and platinum jewelry from individual owners all the way up to Fortune 500 companies.

Our ability to assay metals means that you receive an offer that includes the full value of your precious stones and the gold, platinum, or other metals they may be set in.

As the leading online diamond buyer, our process is simple and highly secure:

  1. After filling out our brief form, you will receive your complimentary appraisal kit either through the mail or you can download an overnight FedEx shipping label instantly. Shipping your jewelry to Diamonds USA is at no cost to you. Your shipment will be insured up to $5,000 USD. Additional insurance is available up to $100,000 USD prior to shipping.
  2. Within 24 hours of Diamonds USA receiving your shipment, we will send you our most competitive offer.
  3. If you choose not to accept our offer, we will simply return your diamond valuables to you safely and securely at no additional cost to you.

Diamonds USA works exclusively with GIA-certified appraisers to ensure thorough evaluations of all the jewelry we receive, allowing us to provide you with the most accurate and competitive offer.

Engagement ring
Metal bowls filled with small diamonds.

Receive Your Complimentary Appraisal Kit

As the leading diamond buyer in Portland, Oregon, your satisfaction is guaranteed. To begin the simple process of receiving the highest amount for your diamond jewelry, request your complimentary appraisal kit today.


You can mail in any item that contains
diamonds. These include wedding bands
set in gold, silver or platinum; items that
contain small diamonds, such as watches,
belt buckles, necklaces or rings; loose
diamonds bought on their own or that
may have come from custom-made

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