Diamond Buyers Near Me in Phoenix

You could sell your diamonds to a variety of different gold and diamond buyers in Phoenix, AZ. Traditional in-person businesses like pawn shops and jewelry stores are resale shops. To make a profit and cover expenses, they can only offer you a portion of your diamonds’ resale value.

A better option is to sell to an online buyer like Diamonds USA. We don’t have storefront expenses, and we’re not interested in resale. This means we can offer you the full material value for even broken jewelry and poor quality stones.

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How To Sell Diamonds in Phoenix

How Much Can I Get for My Diamonds?

The sale value of a diamond depends on a variety of factors, like the quality of the stone and the current market value of the material. To determine the diamond’s quality, appraisers score it in four categories known as “the 4 C’s.”

These categories are:

  • Cut: shape (heart, square, oval, etc.) and faceting
  • Clarity: how clear the stone appears (clear = flawless, cloudy = flawed)
  • Color: hue and richness (deep blue, pale yellow, etc.)
  • Carat: weight and size

To find out exactly how much you can get, request your free shipping materials online and send us your diamonds for a professional appraisal.

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Why Diamonds USA Is the Best Choice

Here are just a few reasons why Diamonds USA is the best place in Phoenix to sell gold and diamonds:

  • We pay top dollar for items in any condition. We pay more than our competitors, whether it’s a piece of unwanted jewelry or a handful of chipped loose stones.
  • Our process is fast and easy. Simply fill out a short form online to get free shipping materials. Send us your items, and within 24 hours of receipt, we’ll send you our best offer.
  • There’s absolutely no risk. All shipments are tracked and insured against loss or damage, and there’s never an obligation to sell. If you change your mind, we’ll ship your items back at no charge.
  • We’re also the best among gold buyers. In addition to diamonds, we buy gold, silver, and other metals. For a diamond wedding ring with a gold and platinum band, you’ll be paid the value of all three materials.

Find Out How Much Your Diamond Jewelry Is Worth With a Free Appraisal

At Diamonds USA, we strive to make buying and selling diamonds in Phoenix, AZ easier and more lucrative than ever. If you have diamonds, gold jewelry or other valuable items to sell, get started by filling out our short online form to request a free appraisal kit today.

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You can mail in any item that contains
diamonds. These include wedding bands
set in gold, silver or platinum; items that
contain small diamonds, such as watches,
belt buckles, necklaces or rings; loose
diamonds bought on their own or that
may have come from custom-made

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