In the Dallas, TX, area, residents know where to go to have fun. While there are a great many things to do in Dallas that are free, such as visiting the Arts District, or visiting the Heritage Center, you can’t do everything for free. Attractions in Dallas such as the Aquarium, require visitors pay for tickets, which requires cash. What better way can you think of to get some extra cash than to sell your diamonds and precious metals? This way, residents of Dallas can pay for visiting the attractions without breaking the bank.

Just as Dallas residents know where and how to have fun, they also know that they should be getting top dollar for their precious metal and diamond jewelry. They also know that if they are going to sell their jewelry that they should be visiting a certain area of popular distributors that will give them top dollar, both online and off.

In eastern Dallas, residents have numerous jewelers to choose from. Residents can visit Robert Whiteside Jewelers and the Malouf Carter Jewelers on the east side, as they are some of the most highly rated in the area. As for the West side of Dallas, residents are apt to visit S Friedman Jewelers and Casa Jewelers, since they are both highly rated and offer top-dollar for all jewelry.

If you live in central Dallas, you might want to try Consignment, Ice House or even Park Side Jewelers; these shops offer a great selection of just about any jewelry a person could want, and will pay cash for all jewelry – including your diamonds.

If you want to go green and get the top dollar paid for all of your diamonds, then you should definitely visit Offering the highest prices paid for diamonds and precious metals, this website has a fast turn around time and great customer service.

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