The Windy City; Chi-Town; Chicago is home to the mercantile exchange, the economic powerhouse of the American mid-west. Chicago is famous for hot dogs, baseball, and its waterfront. It is also one of the largest cities in the U.S., and you can certainly find anything that you might want here, somewhere.

For example, many cities in the US have what is known as a Jewelers Row. This is the local concentration of jewelry business and is usually located in the downtown area. For Chicago, jeweler’s row is located in Walbash and Madison. Just walk up and down on Walbash and you will have a half dozen of the best jewelry stores in the city ready to serve your needs. Of course, there are other jewelry stores in Chicago, lots of them in fact, and they are located throughout the city and surrounding area.

So when it comes time to consider putting your hands on some much needed cash to take your wife to that new show, buy a new car, or if even if you need some extra pocket cash to give your kids for their weekly allowance, you want to sell your diamonds. You will spend time calling around, driving to all those area Chicago stores and then settle on the one that offers the best deal. What’s a day’s work lost compared to getting the best deal? Well, if its hot dogs, entertainment, your kids, or fine dining it’s worth it, but when it comes to getting the best deal for diamonds, you might want to consider going green for the 21st century by visiting

This company is a national one meaning that they are in business to get you the best price for your diamonds and other jewelry possible, and that is how they compete with the rest. The big advantage is that you simply go to the site and fill out a form, and they handle the rest. has been doing this for over 40 years now, and they can access the national market. As great as Chicago is, might just get you a better deal, no driving needed. Just go to work and plan on spending the cash.

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