Ashburn, VA, is a bedroom community located just north of the world famous Dulles International airport. Most of the population sleeps in Ashburn while commuting to work in Washington DC; 88,000 people call Ashburn their home and that home is likely to be worth over $500,000, the family living in it has over $100,000 in yearly income. This is not a working class town by far, but instead it is a weekend fun and good living town.

That said, could you imagine how many jewelry stores there are in Ashburn? Six to be exact, big ones like Jared’s; however, with a local economy like Ashburn’s is, no one is looking to sell diamonds are they? This is the place where the elite have dinner and plan the weekend with D.C. just a few miles away. That means lots of culture and entertainment to plan. The fact is that in areas like this, there is a high demand for outlets that buy diamonds because people here have many diamonds, and the people often need to turn those diamonds or broken and unwanted diamond jewelry into cash.

Old jewelry must be replaced as well, and there are the “divorce diamonds,” too.

If you live in Ashburn and need to find diamond buyers, you could just drive all over the place in the nation’s capital looking for someone to buy them, as that is known as fun driving, and you could find the best deal easily. However, this is not always true, or easy to do. It is often harder to find a good dealer in this area as the market focus is on sales, not buying.

If you are ready to sell your diamonds and jewelry in the Ashburn area, the best place for you to go is on the Internet and visiting is a unique service. You have seen the cash-for-gold commercials, now  imagine a 40 year old company that sources nationally, while guaranteeing that their service can do the same thing for your diamonds; give you cash. You will not only get top dollar for your diamonds and diamond jewelry, but you will get it fast, and then you can go spend it.

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