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Diamonds All Over the World

January 3, 2014

  Researchers have published evidence that diamonds may exist in Antarctica due to the presence of kimberlites in the eastern part of the continent. The findings, which were published in Nature Communications, imply that diamonds could now be found on every continent. 120-Million-Year-Old Kimberlites   Kimberlites are formed between 100 and 300 miles beneath the […]

Investors Clamor for Large and Colored Diamonds

November 26, 2013

In 2005, jeweler Laurence Graff purchased a 50.01-carat diamond for $4.2 million. He then sold it, but when the gem went on the market again in 2012, Graff had to pay $8.4 million to get it back. The fact that the price of an individual stone doubled over the course of 7 years speaks to […]

It’s Raining Diamonds

October 16, 2013

photo via Flickr   Or rather, it would be if we were on Jupiter or Saturn. A pair of scientists recently announced that the two planets could be producing as many as 10 million tons of diamonds. They believe that large chunks of the precious stone are floating in the planets’ atmospheres and that, at […]

EU Ends Sanctions on Diamonds from Zimbabwe

September 25, 2013

  An official statement released by the European Union confirms their decision to resume doing business with the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation, ending its ban on the importation of rough diamonds from the nation. Zimbabwe’s diamond exports were suspended under the Kimberley Process in 2009 due to allegations of human rights abuse and corrupt military […]

Diamonds Large and Small

September 9, 2013

  When it comes to diamonds, some people are all about clarity, some are all about shape, some are preoccupied with color, and others care about the cut. And more often than not, all of the above are obsessed with size. And size-wise, there’s been big news in the diamond industry. Esteemed luxury auction house […]

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